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Activate 2nd phone line?

I am renting a studio that is connected to a main house. The phone line is a separate line. To activate this phone line, do I have to use the same phone company that the main house uses?

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  • joe r
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    don;t know where you live that the telephone company is not deregulated.... but in the US you can have whatever telephone company (iLEC/CLEC) that you want, but normally have to initiate service with the iLEC... then you can transfer your service to which ever CLEC that you choose, as long as they are licensed in the state where you live..

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    If both lines go into the same phone box (demarcation box), before going out to the phone pole, then I'd think you'd have to use the same phone company, but can have a different account. If the studio has its own box, it may be possible to use a different phone company.

    Although to be honest, I've never lived someplace where there was a choice for local landline service.

  • Anonymous
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    No, as long as an alternate company services that address, you can use that alternate company. Even if the main house wanted to have a second line, they could use a different company if they chose to do so.

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