how likely am i to get into GA tech?

Class schedule and grade

Middle school

h alg 1: 95/102 (with points) 96/103

h geo:99/106 99/106

span 1:99 99

9th grade

h 9 lit: 93/100 97/104

h alge 2: 99/106 99/106

h span 2:99/106 99/106

select women (mid level chorus):100 100

h bio: 97/104 98/105

poli scie: 100


10th grade

h chem: 98/105 99/106

H 10 lit:99/106 98/105

h span 4: 98/105 99/106

ap world: 95/102 96/103

chorale (highest chorus):100

h pre cal: 98/105

11th grade

ap bio: 95/102 97/104

ap lang: 94/101 96/103

ap us his: 96/105 97/106

ap cal bc: 94/101 93/100

ap span lang:98/106 97/104

chorale:100 100

12th grade (projection grades-based on midterm grading)

ap econ: 97/104


chorale: 100

ga tech cal:91/98 (egh....)

ap span lit:95/102

college english:98/106

ap physics:99/107







VARSITY: xc, swim team, track (all 4 years-well i hope well idk about varsity track 12th grade, but very very very likely)

highest school award in athletics (4 times awarded-2 times in swim, 1 in xc and 1 in track)

lettered in xc,swim team for all 4 years, track 3 years

class president for all 4 years

did many things for council-homecoming, prom, small dances, hall decorating, really involved

debate team(4 years)

too many awards to list

volunteer in hospital, with special needs, library, many school functions

received many (random) school rewards

Founded/co-founded (at present president/co-president of all the clubs):

medical club , world health club, student ambassador, big bro/big sis club, key club, leo club, multicultural club

Held leadership positions in:

FCA-monday night "president"

Beta-secretary Historianan

Chorus-president of class in 9th grade

vp of chorus 10-11

president of chorus-12th

other clubs involved in

NES, NSE, video game club ( most awesome club in the world), NSE, NWLS

(pretty much honor societies)

other awards:

all state: all 6 years

acda-6 year

district honor chorus-7 years

Reading chorus-3 years

essay that won for school essay

oh, reflections has always made county level.

*will either be valedictorian or saledictorian-sureshot, the 3rd guy is 5 points behind me and the other dude

eh, i am sure i have many spelling errors.

well thanks for the help!


my main downfall is that i will not have much recommendations because, well, only 2 of my teachers actually like me...may be i will get a counciler to write a recommendation.

i think going to an ivy league for undergrad is stupid unless you get a full ride. why spend 200,000, or rather, why make my parents pay 200,000 on undergrad? i rather have a condo in the city or a fly car (possible in the atl)

so, yay! i think i will try for early admission.

p.s my formal writing is much different from average, everday lang.

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    1 decade ago
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    If you don't get in I would be very, VERY surprised..

  • 3 years ago

    look, i comprehend now no longer some thing approximately Davidson, yet plenty approximately Ga. Tech. as quickly as you graduate, human beings be unsleeping the engineers from Ga Tech, Cal Tech, MIT. they're actually on the precise of the heap indoors the engineering international. you are able to desire to locate which you do now no longer % to right this moment get a Masters degree, which you incredibly % to artwork a on an identical time as first. i'ld %.. ga tech. i take excitement in Atlanta.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you learn to proofread and to write formal written English, which does not include words such as "guy" and "dude", not only will you be admitted to Georgia Tech, but you should apply to some Ivy League schools and MIT. Good luck!

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