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Why is the park in Mira Flores, Lima, Peru named after John F. Kennedy?

I'm referring to Parque Kennedy. I asked two different tour guides and neither one knew why.

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    For the same reason stuff across Latin America - except, um, Cuba - is named after Kennedy (and FDR before him).

    JFK had massive aid programs to Latin America; he got the UN to send lots of US Dollars and agricultural goods there starting in 1961. His Peace Corps program sent young idealistic Americans to Latin America as teachers and community builders. And he did get the CIA involved in Latin America as groundwork for dealing with Castro.

    UNICEF, for which I personally collected I guess about $79 in nickels and pennies by shouting "trick or treat for Unicef" over the course of 4 or 5 Halloweens in Nassau County, NY, famously sent a whole lot of nonfat dried milk to Guatemala and Honduras in the early Sixties. This was great, particularly since it cleared out some warehouse space for more farm subsidies for price-supported agricultural goods by getting rid of the not-so-delicious dried milk. Unfortunately nobody informed those bureaucrats at Unicef that the Guatemalans and Hondurans don't drink milk, powdered or otherwise. Rather than wasting it outright (it wouldn't burn) they used it as a quite inadequate whitewash for their villages' buildings.

    JFK wanted to stave off Latin American Communism, and made a heroic effort in a short time. I'd like to be sitting in Miraflores downing a nice Callao or Pisco Sour right now.

    I'll bet the tourguides know who Castro is...

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