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Where can i donate my dog in Long Island NY Nassau County?

i have a pitbull that i want to donate to a animal shelter because i have a little child in the house and the dog is very rough i want to donate it and get a small dog in return but i dont know where and what the requirement in donating it i need i live in Long island NY In Nassau County

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    first off you would'nt be "donating" your dog you would be giving it up for adoption. I actually live in nassau county and its quite simple. Look up animal shelters in the yellow pages and tell them your predicament and ask if there are any small dogs in the shelter and you can make a swap. but pleeeaase please please try to find a home for your pitbull maybe give him to a family member or put up fliers and stress that he is NOT a murderous monster people always have a negative connotation with pitbulls and a family won't adopt him because they will assume hes a messed up fighting dog and animal shelters are already over crowded and if he isn't adopted within a few months he will be put down :( so please reconsider or find a home for him that is not a shelter

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    Don't get another dog. You didn't mention training the pit or anything - I guess your house was just a waystation. And small dogs and little children do NOT MIX...ever. They're too fragile and the toddler can't understand that every single tiny toy has to be picked up as soon as it's dropped or the dog eats and gets obstructed.

    I don't think either you or your daughter is ready for a dog.

    Oh...and you don't "donate" a dog. I guarantee, pit and other rescues arent looking for donations. They're filled to overflowing. You will be astoundingly lucky if you find someone to take him.

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    Pit Bull Rescue Long Island

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    First of all, it would not be a donation. It would be a surrender, another poor animal unwanted because an owner decides not to spend the time and effort and money to ensure the dog is properly trained. Just a dump off really for someone else to worry about. If you surrender this dog...DO NOT GET ANOTHER you are not worthy of a dogs devotion..

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    "donating" a pit will probably result in his death. Why not give him up to a pit rescue group? the he is sure to have a good life with a new, better home.

    You obviously dont care for your dog too much as you are very willing to just swap it for another, "better" model, so why not give your pit up for adoption at a breed rescue and take a break from dogs all together and focus on your baby... Dogs arent like possessions you can upgrade when they dont suit you any more. PLUS no shelter/breed rescue will let you take another dog whilst you're giving one up!! They'd laugh at you.

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    It's NOT of case of return one and get another for free..... I very much doubt that any shelter would let you adopt after handing in a dog.

    Train the dog you've already got instead of getting a new one - that's what responsible owners do.

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    In other words, you aren't going to bother to take the time to properly train the dog around your child and would rather have the dog die. But hey, at least you can get a tiny dog that you won't train and that could possibly injure your child.

    Congratulations. Great parenting.

  • Jesse
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    Slam want to 'donate' an American Pit Bull Terrier? And then you want to get a smaller dog in return?!

    Are you serious? Really? Can't be. This is a trick question.......

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    Wow dumping one dog and then getting a smaller cuter one?

    Arent you a smart one.

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    try a pitbull rescue, they wont uthinize him and are sure to give him a good home :)

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