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What are the different divisions in college sports?

In college sports what are the different divisions, and how do we determine each division?

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    College divisions are determined basically on how much money a school wants to put into its sports program. Division I is made up of a lot of large state schools and financially strong private schools. Division II is for schools that still give out money for scholarships but not enough for vast athletic complexes. Division II is made up of a lot of private schools and smaller state schools or branch campuses.

    Division III is for extremely small schools who wish to have an athletic program that is very cost efficient. DIII schools are not allowed to give out any athletic scholarships. These divisions are for the NCAA which is the major athletic association. There are other associations, like the NAIA, that a school may participate in.

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    Division 1 is very fast swimmers that swim about 6 hours a day, they are dedicated to their sport and basically kill themselves every day. If you're not committed then division 2 would be best, my brother says he want to cry every day because he goes to Auburn university (division 1)

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    D1 FBS

    D1 FCS



    There's an NCAA formula to determine the division, mostly determined by the level of competition.

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    guy above me is dead on.. but.. the NCAA formula is based on student population of the university itself

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