Getting an access point?

The access point i use in my wii keep popping up for about a month or 2 then disappears for about 4 or 5 probably longer. Why does it keep coming and going like that. I can't use any other access point because they are all blocked. When ever i unlock them it says i can't use them, I can't remember why. Help me get back on the internet on my wii PLEASE.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Do you have authorized access to the access point? I mean do you even own that router? if it's your neighbor's then probably your neighbor hides his/her SSID. It means the router doesn't broadcast its network name, it goes under radar, your wii can't detect it

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  • Robin
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    4 years ago

    You could try B, C and D - but none of them will work... For the 'casual' hacker - disabling the SSID will be enough to stop them, so I guess that's the answer you are looking for - but if someone is persistent then they can get around all of the above. [Edit] - for more information... A - would make no difference. The DMZ is to do with firewalls, not with wireless B - you wan't to prevent intrusions, not detect them C - a serious hacker can see the MAC address of other computers already on your network, and can then 'clone' the address D - will stop a casual user, but even if a network doesn't transmit it's SSID, it is still transmitting and can be found

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