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What is a good middle name for a baby girl- to go with the first name Kailana (pronounced Kay-lah-nah)?

side note: we have a common last name, that is only one syllable (i.e. smith).

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    1 decade ago
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    *Kailana Tanae'

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    Kailana Jordan

    Kailana Winter

    Kailana Bryanne

    Kailana Victoria

    Kailana Elisabeth

    Kailana Margaret

    Kailana Georgina

    Kailana Serena

    Kailana Danielle

    Kailana Maria

    Kailana Catalina

    Kailana Lauren

    Kailana Paulina

    Kailana Nicole

    Kailana Joy

    Kailana Faith

    Kailana Bailey

    Kailana Annaliese

    Kailana Addyson

    Kailana Leigh

    Kailana Vanessa

    Kailana Stephanie

    Kailana Nicosia

    Kailana Nadia

    Kailana Valentina

    Kailana Caroline

    Kailana Tess

    Kailana Johannah

    Kailana Madison

    Kailana Bethany

    Kailana Norah

    Kailana Katharine

    Kailana Rose

    Kailana Michaela

    Kailana Lynne

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    Kailana Marie

    Kailana Therese

    Kailana Giselle

    Kailana Renee

    Kailana Isabelle

    Kailana Alexis

    Kailana Leigh

    Kailana Louise

    Kailana Jordynne

    Kailana Anne

    gorgeous name btw!

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    Kailana May

    Kailana Elizabeth

    Kailana Beth

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  • Bella
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    1 decade ago

    Don't listen to the first answerer; I like your spelling. How about Kailana Nicole Smith? Or Kailana Lily Smith?

  • cspace
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    1 decade ago

    Kailana Eden

    Kailana Sophia

    Kailana Aurellia

    Kailana Camille (if you like the 2 "k" sounds together)

    Kailana Lorelai

    Kailana Noelle

    Kailana Teagan

    Kailana Brynn

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    Jo, Joanne, Marie, Rose, Kay, May, Grace, Kiara, Abigail, Maryann, Elizabeth...lots of names will sound great with such a cute and original name! I love it!

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    Jade - you need something short & sweet with a long christian name like that.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why not spell it KayLanah? Better than the Kail (cale part).

    Kay then Lanah as the middle name!

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    I like Rae the best, but that's just me. Good luck. ;)

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