What type of home heating do we have and why is one filter clean and the other always dirty?

I live in military housing(wouldn't recommend this to anyone) and we have heating vents throughout the top and bottom levels of our townhouse style living quarters.

In the lower level the vents are in the ceiling,in the upper level they are in the floor.

The heat is controlled by a thermostat and we have to pick up heating vent filters from what the housing here calls "self-help" every month.

There is one in the kitchen and one upstairs in the hallway.

The one in the kitchen is connected to or in the same area as the furnace which is inside of the wall of the kitchen and laundry room.

My question is what type of home heating is this considered?

Is it central heat,forced heat or is there even a difference?

Secondly,why is the filter in the vent of the kitchen dirty and needing to be replaced every month but the one upstairs is clean like brand new and hasn't been changed in months?!

Is there something wrong that may need fixing or a logical explanation?

I know this may sound stupid but,honestly,I am kinda ignorant in the handyman/women area.

Thanks for any info.

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    Crystal, Any heating/cooling system that serves the whole living area is called central whatever, that doesn't necessarily mean it's in the exact center of the dwelling. Also, any system using a fan to push out the heated or cooled air is called forced air. So, you have a central forced air system. This is in contrast to a system, that, say heats water in a boiler and circulates that water through pipes running around the living areas, usually inside of a sort of a grille work assembly, and the heat just rises off the pipes, providing a comfortable ambient temp. The filter thing is as simple as Robert says, the one in the area you do most of your LIVING gets dirtiest fastest.

    Source(s): 40 + years of home repairs and maint.
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    If you get air conditioning out of the same ducts you have central air and heat. If it's only for heat, then it's probably forced air, but that does nothing to solve your problem. Either the ducts upstairs are not connected or you don't do too much living in that area and it's very clean. The living area is probably downstairs and in the kitchen so the more activity you have the dirtier the filters get and that's what they are supposed to do. We have 2 unused bedrooms and those filters only need to be changed every 4 months, while the living room and master bedroom get changed every month.

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    if you have air blowing out of vent up stairs duct is connected, if no air he's right. your main unit should have a filter in it, look for a arrow or sign that say's filter. filter in air vents i never heard of before. this may be someones own idea. i would take out other filters in vents so you can get more air.

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