My little baby sister is having sex,i know sounds different then it is?

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ok my baby sister,meaning younger sister is 22 and shes an adult i know. and people her age do have sex. she is old enough to consent. but we are a religous family and i do not more
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I so sad. She's so young and turned wrong way. Maybe she''l understand what she's doing wrong. Talk to her as an example. Talk about abstinence benefits an so on to get her back in the true way.
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  • Sabe answered 5 years ago
    You keep throwing out there how you're religious, and she's religious. Being used by men is the same whether you're religious or not. If she's having sex, that is her choice. If she's having it for the wrong reasons, like to be accepted or because she's forced then that is wrong. You need to talk to her about it. She'll probably get angry. Just sit her down, tell her you'll love her no matter what and that you want to help her. Don't try throwing your religious background in her face. Just talk to her as a sister.
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