Drill Sergeants - how much has changed?

A few recent comments have suggested that basic training hasn't changed much since the 80's.

I find this hard to believe.

Since the beginning of GWOT, I understand Convoy Operations has been integrated. Combatives training has also seen significant changes.

Are there any Drill Sergeants out there that can provide a brief description of changes in training between now and roughly twenty years ago (besides kinder/gentler military)?

I am curious to get feedback from other services on their respective branch training adaptations as well.

Looking for first hand knowledge here...no Google cut and paste responses or wife/girlfriend comments please.


Reference the stress cards - I believe that was proven as an urban legend.


Thanks for the input, but I was looking more for training content and not training environment changes. Except for those of us that wear jump boots with our Class-A uniform, this young crowd probably doesn't know that kiwi is more than just a fruit.

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    well for one there is a lot more sypathy towards the soldiers in training. the biggest difference now is a more training in urban combat and a drill sergeant is not allowed to hit or physically harm a soldier in training unless that soldier is doing something that will harm someone (like on the rifle range or grenade test site) i would also note that they try harder to make sure soldiers in training do not get injured so that they have to go home. for this they now have a rehap company for soldiers to be rehabilitated from injuries sustained in basic training and ait.

    this is for the army.

    hey why the thumbs down? what i said is acurate

    but yes what you say about the kiwi is semi correct. the new boots dont take kiwi or any other polish because they are not black leather. they are now brown. im not too sure about the new uniforms i got out in december of 2004 but in the army paper it stated that the new uniform was made so that it should not be ironed at all. this was during the time when the new uniforms were just being issued so i never had one so all i know is what was posted in the newspaper.

    lastly you are correct, the "stress card" is an urban legend.

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    Good question. I am a former Drill Sergaent and it has changed a lot. We come from the same period. I wore "Brown Round from 84 to 86; now they have time out cards if thet feel stressed. You cannot not "put them on the rails". Very little AR670-1. They don't have to shine boots or press out uniforms. Some AIT units now have maids, no GI partys. It has changed significant. Force structure (TOE/Manning Documents), you wouldn't know a unit. "No cut and paste", I hoped I helped.

    Source(s): 23/9 Retired, Drill, Armor(12). Not 19K.
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    I would be curious ot see how it has changed, I went ot basic back in 1986 and I know everything is more polically correct. In AIT I could pee in a cup without beeing watched and things have changed, now they have a meat gazer.

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    My nephew states they are not allowed to hit the recruits. If a Marine cries they must back off and show compassion and then feed the recruit candy. ( Something about a sugar high) Sure not like it used to be 40 years ago.

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    Training changes with the times and technology. What was needed 20 years ago may not relate to what is needed now.

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