Bands and Computer Games?

i've just seen the funniest clip with the dude out of Cannibal Corpse talking about 'World of Warcraft'... George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher Vs 'The Alliance'!...

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Got me thinking... apart from the obvious 'Guitar Hero' and Band games, can you think of any other connections between bands and computer games? ie bands that appear on soundtracks, characters from games, games mentioned in lyrics, fans etc?

post clips if you can!

BQ: do you understand what Corpsegrinder is banging on about? Do you play World of Warcraft or anything similar? (i have a friend who's mad on it and showed me a glimpse into that crazy world lol!)

BQ2: should i go and see Cannibal Corpse in concert next saturday?


hey thanks all!

and a big hello to Fonzie T and firesign! nice to see you guys! hope you've both been good :)

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    I just saw this vid a few days ago. A band that makes it's music using old video games sounds.

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    BA: I don't like WOW. My friends keep talking about it all the time and gets after a while. You know, because I have no idea what they going on and on about. I only played it only once and I couln't get into it, and usually I don't have that problem with video games.

    *Goes and plays Ace Combat*

    BA2: HELL YES!! Why? This is why:

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    Does DM get any more catchy while staying this brutal?

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    Green Jelly did the soundtrack for Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage for both the SNES and Sega Genesis.

    BQ: I'm not really a fan of the Warcraft games, I prefer Diablo.

    BQ2: Sure if you like CC, and maybe Jim Carrey will make an appearance and growl during Hammer Smashed Face like he did in Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

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    1 decade ago

    There is this group called The Advantage that exclusively covers NES music. They're actually really good too.

    here's a couple tracks

    There is also a band called the Bad Dudes that is named after an old game (I just remember the line from the beginning of the game "Are you bad enough to save the President from Ninjas.") I haven't heard them but I believe they are on a similar trip.

    I like a reference to "Sega or Atari-ans" in this Pavement tune:

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Postal Service lifted the Super Mario Bros. theme in their song "Brand New Colony".

    I remember back in the early 90s hearing the melody to the Beatles' "Lady Madonna" on some arcade game. I think a version of Donkey Kong.

    "PacMan Fever" was a 1982 hit for Buckner & Garcia.


    Hey migh! Long time!

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    1 decade ago

    I was gonna mention the Quake thing, but someone beat me to it. Type O Negative was involved in the music for Descent II, back in the day.

    BQ: I don't. Too much of a time sink for me to get involved in.

    BQ2: If you've never seen them, then yes. Everyone should, once.

    (Also, hey migh. I guess I'm back after a long break. Good to see you're still around!)

  • 1 decade ago

    Metallica were supposed to be making a game. I heard that about 2 years ago but haven't heard anything since.

    Grand Theft Auto has known bands on the radio in the cars, that's all i can think of

  • 1 decade ago

    Sonic Mayhem did the soundtrack for Quake II.

    I guess the best connections are the Grand Theft Atuo(Vice City, San Andreas, and VI) because they have radio stations that play music.

    Vice City

    San Andreas

    GTA IV

    BA: Not a fan

    BA2: I'd see them just for the morbid curiosity.

  • Chip
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    Steve Vai, Breaking Benjamin & Incubus are all featured on the Halo 2 soundtrack. Vai's and BB's contributions are all heard in the game - don't think Incubus' work is heard in the game at all however.

  • I know the Tony Hawk series' always have very respectable soundtracks for their games. And EA Games/Sports always has EA traxx. I like their soundtracks a bit.

  • 1 decade ago

    Trent Reznor did some music for the game "Quake"

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