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Top Countries to live in.. quality of Life, Health and Wealth per Capita.. everyone of the top 10 Socialist?

Every One.. darn spell checker


America not even in the top 10 anymore.. number 13.

Hmmm... what do the French, Norwegian and Canadians know that you yanks haven't figured out yet ?

Update 2:

JLK... As we are as well, but we have nationalized Health Care and you don't.. get it ?

Capitalism is the current trade agreement for the entire planet just about even quasi Communist China practices capitalism for it's ownership class, while it dictates Communism for the faceless Billion... very much like our top 1% enjoys total Socialized Everything while the bottom 95% basks in cronyistic Capitalism slash Corporatism

Update 3:

Canada and The USA are trade allies much to the chagrin of the Canadian People

Update 4:

The answers to this question show just how apathetic the US has become...

The US is a Socialized Democratic Republic.. the only socialized element missing from your economy is Nationalized Health Care.. and thats only for your Middle class.. the rest of your society does




The Elderly

The very Poor


The only Group without a safety net is the Middle Class.. and you are the very people in here talking about Obama's Socialist's ludicrous.

In the meanwhile The Health Insurance Industry runs you into the ground ? Raising it's race at 3x the rate of inflation.. the only Cost thats rising faster is Higher educated.

So at the end of the day you will be less Healthy and less educated ?

Hmmmm... that should really make you competitive...with Guam.

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    This is a silly list. If those countries are so great why does everyone including the first place Norwegians sneak into our country. I will listen to a United Nations listing about as quick as I let a fascist dictator, Obama, take over this nation. All you leftists that support Obama should take a look at what he's doing. He's not creating a socialist government, but a fascist one.

  • Socialist is a pretty vague term, bro and Australia, Ireland and Switzerland are very capitalist economies.All those countries at the top of the list are free-market economies, it;s just the level of government programs varies. Look at the Heritage Index of Economic Freedom.

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    I love the answerer that says "They Love their country" wonder if they ever stopped to ask if their Country loves them

    EDIT: I keep seeing these answers about western Europeans sneaking into our country ????? where does this happen ? that is totally false... you can go to any major metro area in the country and I would guess that the illegal population consists of less than 20% European and less than 1% of that number from the west...

    Norwegians sneaking into the US? ..why would they they have way more opportunity there... just do a little research folks..

  • The wanted to have Chad, Equatorial Guinea, and Burkina Faso as 1, 2,3

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    Australia surprised me. Apart from that, it's what I expected.

  • I love my country, sorry.


    Do you mean the government? I already know the government does not love me. But in the U.S. it's "WE THE PEOPLE", not "WE THE GOVERNMENT". And I know at least half of the American population agrees with me. And we will fight to our deaths to preserve that.

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    I don't see people flocking to socialist countries. I see people just waiting to get in the door here.

    So there is your real answer. Let them have their failed socialist system. I'll take capitalism anyday.

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    Then why does every one sneak into the USA. Although after obama, Mmm,mmm,mmm, and his minions get done they will stop.

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    There's one big difference that is unique to America...

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    yeah...but how many people are moving to canada, france, and norway? why is it that america still has people who risk their lives comming here? : /

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