I need a music composer/creator software?

Where can i download a free copy of a music creator. Something where I can make up my own drum beats, guitar, piano, and bass lines all together then loop them.

I'd rather not pay for it, but if you know of a good one to purchase let me know!


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  • 1 decade ago
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    i think a midi sequencer like rosegarden can do.

    take a look at ubunt studio


    all for double free (as in free beer and free speech); or



    you only have to pass the fuss of installing another operating system, something maybe that you've not done before.

    rosegarden alone


    and a drum machine


    (but it seems it does not exist for windows)

    here you can find a list of midi sequencer (it's definitly the way you can create your music, even though you need good hardware or sofware synthetizer) for windows, i did not check it


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    4 years ago

    Finale Notepad is an overly well loose software. It takes a bit whilst to gain knowledge of how the software works, however whenever you determine it out it is practical and amusing. The tune college I went to had the fondness type of Finale hooked up on their computer systems.

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    1 decade ago

    Well i suggest torrents. BE CAREFUL some if not all torrents are illegal. First. get the utorrent toolbar by going to www.utorrent.com

    than after that go to www.mininova.org click the search engine type "fruity loop studios" click the green "seeds" and download away!!!

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    1 decade ago

    acid pro 6

    virtual dj

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