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The Best of the rest tournament continues second round. Who would win the 04 T'Wolves vs 77 Rockets?

Being that these tournaments are becoming my speciality I decided to start another tournament with 32 teams. I call it the best of the rest. It consists of teams that had strong seasons, but not champions or championship contenders. For instance you won't see the 90's Knicks teams in this because they were contenders throughout the 90's. None of these 32 teams won an NBA title. A couple got to the finals but were completely overmatched by better teams.

Today's matchup is 04 T'Wolves VS 77 Rockets Below are the lineups. , . Wolves have homecourt.


04 T-Wolves

C - Michael Olowokandi F/C Gary Trent

PF - Kevin Garnett - F Mark Madsen

SF Latrell Sprewell - G Fred Hoiberg

SG Trenton Hassell - G/F Wally Szcrerbiak

PG Sam Cassell - PG Troy Hudson

77 Rockets

C - Moses Malone - C Kevin Kunnert

PF - Rudy Tomjanovich F/C Dwight Jones

SF Mike Newlin - F John Johnson

SG Calvin Murphy - G/F Ed Ratleff

PG John Lucas

Below is the full list of second round matchups


1) 04 T’Wolves 58-24 vs 16) 77 Houston Rockets 49-33

2) 89 Cavs 57-25 vs 15) 07 Cleveland Cavs 50-32

3) 97 Atlanta Hawks 56-26 vs 19) 70 Atlanta Hawks 48-34

4) 01 76ers 56-26 vs 13) 07 Jazz 51-31

12) 05 Rockets 51-31 vs 28) 93 Charlotte Hornets 44-38

6) 90 Spurs 56-26 vs 22) 75 Chicago Bulls 47-35

10) 01 Bucks 52-30 vs 26) 67 San Francisco Warriors 44-37

8) 83 Spurs 53-29 vs 9) 85 Nuggets 52-30


Weak arguement by Snow. First off that Laker team had huge chemistry issues even they would admit and the 77 Rockets were in the conference finals against a Dr. J sixer team that wasn't bad at all and probably better than the 04 Lakers. Weak arguement.

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  • Robert
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    1 decade ago
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    Sorry for the delay on getting in. Probably wont be on as much go alot going on.

    Anyway. The 77 Rockets should gut out the close one. Just a togher team and the talent level does get underrated.

    Which makes me think, why do we underrate the 70's? New Q coming.

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    This one will be a dandy - while the Rockets have the huge advantage at center since even Kunnert is a major upgrade from the Kandi Man, the rest of the matchups are fairly even. If I were coaching the Wolves, Garnett may be listed as a PF, but his responsibility would be Malone - no one else on the team can even think of trying to defend him. That is where it makes the frontcourt matchup more even. I respected Newlin in his day, but the "man" was Rudy T, and I would love to see him and Spreewell battling it out in this matchup. When Latrell would behave himself and be quiet, he was very effective at both ends (his defensive work seemed to only be appreciated by Knicks fans) and I think that this would be a terrific match-up as well.

    The backcourt is intriguing as well - while Lucas was a great guard, don't underestimate what Cassell brought to this T-wolves team. He was just as important as KG and Spree, especially with his loose, carefree attitude. If Murphy gets hot (or gets fouled, since he would never miss a FT), then the Wolves have to get a hot streak out of either Szcrebiak or Hassell. If it is offense I want, let's go to Wally's World. If defense is needed to stop Murphy, then I wan't Hassell in there.

    Frankly, this is a very even match-up. I know that I will be accused of homerism with this, but only because of the home court advantage (huge for the Wolves that year in the playoffs, especially against the Kings), I take them in 7.

  • Rob K
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    1 decade ago

    I'll take the 77 Rockets here fairly easily. The chemistry issues loomed for the Timberwolves; despite the major talent of their own "big 3." What people might forget is before the problems with his personal life, John Lucas was on his way to being a great guard in the NBA's history. Calvin Murphy himself is also quite a solid player for a little man, and we all know what Moses could do. I doubt KG's "front of intensity" would bother Moses as he bruised and bullied his way inside for an easy 15 rebounds per game in this one. Rudy T who was so remembered for the Kermit Washington punch was also no slouch on the boards, and was a tough dude who'd make sure no basket was easy for Kevin Garnett.

    Rockets 4-2

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    77 Rockets. I have to make it short because I don't have much time, but the reasons why the Rockets win are Moses Malone is too much of a huge beast for Olowo and Mike Newlin, Calvin Murphy, and John Lucas would tear up Cassel, Hassel and Sprewell.

    Rockets win 4-1.

    EDIT: Oops, I meant Rockets win 4-2.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have to go with the 77 Rockets. in 6 games

    and good call on the fact that the TWolves struggled and weren't close in many games against a Lakers team with huge chemistry issues in 04.

    Source(s): King Of NJ
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Those wolves made it to the western conference finals and lost to the Lakers didnt they? and that was because well look at who the lakers had...

    Derrick Fisher (Prime)

    Kobe Bryant (Pre-Prime)

    Rick Fox

    Gary Payton

    Karl Malone

    Shaquille O;Neal

    AMAZING TEAM and thats not bad..

    Source(s): snow.
  • 1 decade ago

    t wolves

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