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Why Tokyo lost the Olympic bid?

Today on the news, I saw that France supported Brazil's bid because Brazil paid them a lot of money for weapons.

LOL nice conspiracy theory.

Also when all the other's cities representatives were standing around mingling, Ishihara and the Japanese didn't mingle, they just stared at the floor. Great impression, guys!

I guess Ishihara was afraid, with all those 外人 there, that he would catch AIDS or get mugged or something.

These are all BS reasons, obviously it was because Tokyo people didn't want it, right?

But I did like this theory I saw on 2chan today: 歴史修正主義者、人種差別主義者の石原がどのくらい世界で嫌われてるかわかってないのかw


LOL. I like Hatoyama, and wish him the best to clean up the bureaucracy, but doesn't he seem like the Japanese version of Al Gore? Wooden, and robotic. haha

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    The 2008, Olympics were in Beijing, and the IOC does not like to go to the same continent soon after the last Olympics. I never thought the 2016, had a chance of going to Tokyo.

    It did not really matter the strength of their bid.

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    Tokyo's bid lacked flair, passion and a clear vision of the games.

    Funding has to be sucured in order to be in the final four of olympic cities. So that point was even for all four cities. Basically Japan failed to explain why Tokyo would be best.

    Rio hosted the Pan-American games in 2008, and will host the Soccer world cup in 2014. Those where very helpful towards Rio's bid.

    Most important, though, was the argument that Brazil deserved and needed the Olympics. Richer countries had had their turn, and now it was Brazil's chance. Brazil ranks 10th among the world's wealthiest countries, but it is the only one of them never to have hosted the games. It will be the first South American country to do so.

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    Tokyo lost the bid because they did not offer enough bribes to the IOC. It has nothing to do with representatives' socializing skills.

    The Olympic committee has been for as long as I can remember been the focus of various corruptiong and bribery scandals. Here are just some of the past scandals:

    Scholarship and international assistance program that awarded scholarships totaling $400,000 to thirteen students who were relatives of IOC members.

    Free plastic surgery, health care, shopping sprees, ski weekends, first-class air travel, luxury accommodations, fur coats, and other expensive gifts to IOC members and their families.

    In the case of the game held in Nagano, there were such behind the scene going ons as -

    Video cameras lefted in hotel rooms as gifts for IOC members on the eve of the vote for the 1998 games. Back then, videa cams were very very expensive. Nagano eventually won its bid by spending $4.4 million entertaining IOC members, another $544,000 on unspecified souvenirs, plus $776,000 that was unaccounted for. The total bill came out to over $24 million to get the Nagano game. That $24 million would easily be over $30 million in today's economy.

    I doubt anyone in Japan is THAT eager to get the games.

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    Compared to Rio, Tokyo residents were indifferent about the games coming there.

    "Yeah, it'll be cool to have a big event, but the traffic will increase, and security will be tighter... Is it worth it? Maybe..."

    Rio residents wanted it more.

    2chan will always be 2chan. Always on the extremes :P

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    Yeah, I agree with the above answer.. I think the main reason was south america has never had one, and tokyo doesn't need one. I reckon they're better off without it! Maybe I'm on my own here, but does anyone actually watch the olympics? It's sooo fricking boring and goes on for weeks. They say countries make money off it in the long-run through tourism and such, but I can't help feeling like it's a waste of money. Get Sasuke on as one of the events... then I'll be interested!

    also why did they have that little girl giving that stupid presentation? and Hatayama's wooden, read-from-script speech didn't give a great impression.. I know he's new and all but don't they practice stuff like that..

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