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some one says i scratched their bumber while parking and filed a claim. what should i do.?

Ok, I get a call from my grandmother saying a investigator called looking for me and being such a great grandmother she refused to give out any of my information. (I moved but didnt change my address because I have been moving alot) Anyways I call the investigator and he tells me a scratched a cars bumper while parking and the forced pushed the car into the car infront which caused scratching on the front bumber as well.. i have no idea what hes talking about and just to be a little honest if i did i would either right my info down or move to another parking spot. if i bump someone that mean come on im not an idiot and i am not completely inconsiderate. I am insured. So i go down that day. This rainy Sat. night on the train to a neighborhood i rather not be traveling to to meet with this guy. he was really nice.. says he wasnt gonna issue any tickets because i was so young and so nice and came down right away.. he says he was mean on the phone because he thought i was dashing him because he was trying to track me down for 4 months..dude said he sent 2 letters ok 2 letters in 2 months.. wow..the min. u called u got ahold of me .. but wat evs he was a nice guy .. i dont know what to do. he said that this ladys a little coo-coo but she had to have proof cuz the cops wouldnt of filed an accident report.. so what should i do. i have her info now and they have mine. they said call her but if shes gonna file shouldnt i just go to my insurance...and can i fight it. ist it worth it and what happens..

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    This is happening to me, or a similar situation. A woman filed a claim with her insurer that I opened my car door onto hers and caused $1000 in damage. I got a letter from her insurance demanding money, before I even knew I'd supposedly done anything as she took down my registration either when I was in the shop or leaving, didn't speak to me directly.

    I have insurance, I called them to deny the claim. Took a week to get someone to file anything since I wasn't trying to pay or claim for damage to my car.

    This morning (2 months later) I get a call from an agent of my insurer saying she spoke to the other party's insurer and he said I admitted fault and he has a witness statement so they are dropping the claim and I gotta pay up. I never admitted fault, I said 'I guess that's possible' when he explained it wasn't an accident in the sense I'd thought (ie a crash) just me scratching her car. Further phone calls show the witness hasn't provided a statement, the woman just said her boyfriend saw it. They didn't file a police report, just wrote down the registration of poor sucker me's car.

    In short, good luck with that. My insurer did nothing for me against this scammer, so small claims court here I come :(

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    If, as your question looks to show, your spouse grew to become into stopped, and somebody backed into her, the different social gathering may be at fault. no longer something differences merely considering you're in a constrained get entry to difficulty (parking zone) instead of the line. And the police make comments, consistent with actual innovations, no longer critiques as to fault besides. document it with your coverage. you may merely might desire to pay deductible in case you chosen to start maintenance utilising your collision insurance. despite in case you do come to a determination that, or the coverage places countless the blame on your spouse, a solid sized dent would be nicely over $a million,000. At any cost checklist it, and permit the two agencies talk it. as quickly as a determination has been made as responsible, you are able to come to a determination what to do next. interior the advise time, get an estimate from a solid physique save on your damages so which you have got a base line as to maintenance.

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    Sounds like a set-up...demand a copy of the said police report, only the police can issue a ticket

    Sounds like a scam to me

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    look at your car. if you hit someone with your car then there should be some damage to your car. if you have nothing wrong with your car then take pictures of your car and go to your insurance broker and show them the pictures. if you scratched a car then there would be a scratch on your car as well.

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    I agree with the second answer--turn it in to your insurer and let them work on it; that's part of what you pay for. Insurers are very good at sniffing out fraud and bad claims, so let them handle it.

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