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Tenerife for a Holiday?

Come to tenerife! A holiday in the sun! Where you can enjoy being chased by cockroaches, bitten by mosquito's , spiders and stung by scorpions! Also take time to explore the locals mostly people selling wooden elephants and monkeys, that are apparently good luck in the house! Try the lovely restaurants that serve raw meat and

calzone without cheese, the food is unforgettable.... That's why you'll also have time to explore the hospital, oh yes that's a trip that most holiday makers here go on, just make sure to take at least €3000 out with you on that day! Right now they are doing a special offer where you get a weeks free holiday !! Yes that's right!

But remember when you arrive to set your alarm for 8am so that you don't miss the sales rep coming to you apartment door every morning ,telling you about any special promotions and offer they have! And yes it's worth going to the promotion day , it only takes around 5 hours and what do you know! Yes you have bought your own

week at the resort for £25,000! Bargain! Oh but there's more it doesn't stop there,

when you go back home they will then contact you to tell you about community fee's

and all the things the just did'nt remember to tell you while you were there, but i'm sure they will tell you the rest we you use the week you bought.

We can honestly say you will have an unforgettable holiday here....

So what are you still waiting for?? Book your holiday now!

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  • john g
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    Oh dear! As the webmaster of a site detailing all the great things Tenerife has to offer, I'd better try and answer some of your comments.

    Firstly, how sad that your Tenerife experience was so bad. Honestly, it all depends where you go and what you do while you're there.

    I lived in Tenerife for eleven years and can definitely say I never saw a scorpion! Okay, there are cockroaches and spiders, but that's the sub-tropical climate.

    If your only experience of the "locals" was people selling wooden elephants and monkeys, then you must have been mixing with different locals to me. They sound like they're people targeting specifically tourists - something along the same lines as the "Lookie-lookie men".

    Regarding food, restaurants and eating out - did you try any of the proper, Canarian restaurants? No unforgettable food there - just excellent, delicious fare, at a very reasonable price.

    With your mention of a "sales rep", you sound like you went on a package tour. The best way is to book a hotel or apartment direct and buy your flights seperately. That cuts out that problem.

    It's a bit of an exaggeration that all holidaymakers end up in the hospital. Isn't it fair enough, though, if they do, they have to pay for their treatment? Tourists haven't paid anything towards the Spanish Health Service, have they?

    By all accounts, your holiday seemed a bit of a disaster. If you've been bitten by scorpions, had food poisoning, been charged 3000 euros by the hospital and forced to buy a timeshare...well, what an unfortunate person you are!


  • guiri
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    As our junkie friends might say," Bad trip, was it?"

    The Canaries are cockroach heaven. So are any countries with no winter.

    Mosquitoes? Ditto. The spiders and scorpions are harmless. You will not die from a bite in the Canaries.

    OK I do not like the Canaries, but I spent an enjoyable week in Tenerife. I will not be back.

    What I remember was the lack of good fresh food and no fresh fish. (everything is imported and frozen).

    The food in a bar in Tanque Alta, Tenerife, was great and fresh. Full stop.

    In Gran Canaria, I found a local bar that cooked up real, fresh Canarian food. It was great.

    So why do people go to the Canaries? The weather is mild most of the year, but i have to say that winter is cold and humid. Ugh!.

    After all the publicity, anyone who buys a timeshare on hoilday is a fool.

    Regarding the cost of the hospital.

    You were lucky you went uninsured or without EU health card to the Canaries and not the USA.

    Source(s): Been to Tenerife & Gran Canaria.
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    4 years ago

    In Tenerife you can certainly do any such thing you're feeling like any time of the entire year because of their weather, natural surroundings and tourist infrastructure created for fun for all your household and this place is the perfect place for a great vacation and with hotelbye you can get it. In Tenerife are plenty of things waiting for you really to discover and one particular is in the south west coast of Tenerife. A place that is a magnificent area for watching whales free in the ocean. As much as 26 species are observed only down the coast, including baleen whales, monster whales, dolphins, pilot whales and also blue whales. In Tenerife you will also see The Teide National Park. At 3,718 metres, Teide volcano is Spain's highest maximum and its two ecosystems make the climb an experience filled with contrasts.

  • casida
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    The southern motel aspects of Tenerife would be advantageous and heat in February even however in the later evenings you would be able to desire to discover you want a cardigan or gentle jacket that's with the help of the slightly wider hollow between day time and night time temperatures in the process the wintry climate months. Having 2 young ones is the substantial to the place you ought to bypass. Los Cristianos is a robust wager even however some the motels / residences would properly be a protracted some time past from the sea front, some motels furnish a unfastened bus provider and there's a robust much low-priced Taxi provider. Play las Americas is a objective geared up motel section which each so often gets a bad press, the Americas covers a extensive section and that i propose you seem on the motels of San Eugenio, Porto Colon, Playa Fanabe, Torviscas, Playa Adeje, the different is Del Duque yet this specifically incredible end motels consequently fees at this end of the motel have a tendency to be slightly larger. the main effective section to steer clear of in the Americas is observed as Veronicas, that's the main effective section for night golf equipment and if there's a subject that's many times the place it occours. different aspects you would be able to desire to seem at are further up the coast Playa section or Porto Santiago, the subsequent motel is a private common Los Gigantes its very hilly and in all probability it would fit your needs yet could be no longer your infants, in case you bypass to the city take some bread with you to feed the fish in the harbour some are incredibly massive, a good number of food and no fishing allowed, seem out for the turtle the story is that one has been residing in the harbour for years (i've got been going there for just about two decades and that i've got by no potential considered it). aspects i think of you ought to steer clear of with the aid of fact they are the two specifically resdential, under improved or lack a reliable sea coast are Costa del Silencio, Ten Bell, Las Galletes, Palm Mar, Callao Salvaje or Playa Parisio. lots of the atractions around the section furnish a unfastened bus provider with %. up factors around the motels. i'm hoping this has been some help to you, have a reliable holiday.

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