Root canal horror show?

I had been negligent for 2 years regarding my tooth problem.The dentist suggested me to do a root canal a year back and i kept delaying to the point where i could not delay it further as the pain was killing me to death.

Day before yesterday i went for the first sitting for about 45 mins and was a real torcher inspite of dentist giving me local aneasthetic.He had to give me twice as there was a lot of infection in the tooth.After the first sitting of 45 mins i still feel very mild pain now, but it is far better than before.

Im on antibiotics and the dentist asked me to salt water rinse hourly once.It has been two days and i need to go tomorrow for the second sitting.But the problem is he said he would would do the same thing without local anaesthetic and the dentist was very reluctant in listening to me during the first sitting as i was screaming out in pain and he didnt co-operate well and kept shunning me off.

Please help me out on these two questions :

1.whether there would be pain in the second sitting during root canal ?

2.Can i discontinue and go to a better dentist for the second sitting ?

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    Well, due to the amount of infection in the tooth, you will sometimes have more pain. In the first appointment, the dentist should have removed the nerves/blood supply, so you should not have pain in this next appointment. Now, it sounds like he needs to continue with the files, which cleans out the canals in the tooth, then he/she will put a temp filling in when they are done. If you are concerned about pain just demand that they give local anthes., its your money. I was in this business for 15 years.

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    LOL your dentist is not co-operating? he's shunning you off?

    wait a minute, who is the one that told you that you need a root canal a year ago? Who is the one that's been putting it off? who is not cooperating?

    It is YOUR problem that you let the tooth get this bad at the first place.

    YOU have lost his trust in you. He knows whatever he tells you you're not going to listen anyway.

    I'm being really mean but I'm telling you the real truth.

    When a tooth is hurting really bad or when it's infected the anesthetics do not work as well, harder to get numb. It's frustrating that a root canal could have been done a much easier way a year ago but you had made it difficult.

    answers to your questions:

    1. you will feel much better now that the nerve is out of the tooth. At the second appointment it will be much easier than the first. The hardest part is getting you numb.

    2. You're in the middle of a treatment. You do not want to do that. There are many different techniques about doing a root canal therapy; each dentist has their own way of doing things. If you're leaving to go to another, the second may be reluctant to take on your case as he does not have your complete history on the tooth and background. You will have to pay the second dentist full fee to finish the case. I suggest you stay with the same guy.

    good luck

  • 4 years ago

    Having the wisdom teeth removed hurts more after wards but is tolerable. Especially since you usually get some painmeds. The root canal treatment only hurts as much as your tooth already hurts before you get started. It's only the infection that hurts. Not the root canal treatment.

  • 1 decade ago

    Your name is tormentor of souls? That should be your dentists name!

    I think you may have waited too long. I went to a dentist in Boston to get my route canal and I felt less pain then when I went to get a regular filling! I guess it just depend on who your dentist is, but since you waited until you were in pain it might be too late to have a painless root canal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is your fault for putting it off for a year. The next session will be just as painful. If the infection has not subsided, he will put you off for a week. if after a week the gum area has not healed, you will probably lose the tooth altogether.

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