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Who has more to fear from Obama, the IOC or Iran?

Iran is trying to build nukes and wipe out Israel and then us if they can sure but DENY THE OLYMPICS? Who does the IOC think they are?


Niki>Iran is trying to get nukes and they are a state sponsor of terror who loathes the US. Its part of their religious teachings that we are the great Satan. Put the pieces together.

Rush stated that he wants Obama to fail because Obama is a radical marxist that hates the US and wants to transform it. Rush has never said or remotely implied a military defeat for the US under Obama. That is purely democrat strategy to hope for defeat and root against our troops.

Im glad to see you believe in Jesus. Thank you for your concern over my Biblcal study. I study the Bible here at Bible College, Im almost done with my degree and knowing what I know about the Bible has changed my life. I would would suggest read more of the Bible and less left-wing secular anti-American drivel.

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    The IOC and Iran have something in common. They are both fundamentally corrupt. However, the IOC can be bribed. Iran is already wealthy. The next difference is - the leaders of Iran hate the US because we take the side of Israel in international disputes.

    The IOC nominated Utah amid a storm of bribery charges. Scholarships for member's kids. High paying jobs for relatives and other favors

    What reason could ever induce Obama to take such a politically risky step?

    Since Obama has many friends in Chicago. Some may know secrets Obama wishes to keep. My guess - his intercession as foolish as it was, was an attempt at keeping himself out of hot water. If a political payback, or extortion of Obama was the reason why he tried to procure the Olympics for Chicago, we should look, in the near future for some huge contracts to suddenly be offered to "friends" in the Chicago area.

    Source(s): Two officials of the Utah committee that secured the games were indicted in 2000 on charges of wire and MAIL FRAUD, conspiracy, and interstate travel in aid of RACKETEERING. They were charged with paying an official of the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) to help influence the selection of Salt Lake City by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The USOC official who received the bribes later pleaded guilty to several criminal charges including the accepting of a bribe. Read more:
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    Such conjecturing is jargon that has not been substaniated the least bit that Iran is going to wipe out the U.S. . It is grossly irresponsible that anyone would make such an allegation that Iran is going to wipe us out after they wipe out Israel. First it was Iraq that was a real threat....and now it's Iran. You do know that Korea has made it known that they have nuclear missles, or do you?

    Ironically and satirically, it is highly hypocritical to talk about what Iran is allegedly hoping to do to this country....when we have "some" of the same irrational Americans who are hoping that our President fail in "defeating any enemy" that would want to harm us. A true patriot do not rally behind anyone like Rush Limbaugh who stated he hoped that the President fails. Hypocrites indeed.

    By the way.......Jesus loves everybody and despised hypocrites. Read your bible and learn who Jesus really is, and how he viewed the Pharisees, yet he died for them and the whole world.

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    The left can say what ever they desire approximately George Walker Bush, the guy grew to become into respected around the international for status up for usa, He did no longer balk, He did no longer Bow down and Kiss some Saudi Kings *** or ring finger. He called a terrorist a terrorist, He called those that defended, offered help, and components for terrorist purely what they have been Axis of Evil. Thats why no longer one time will Bush grew to become into president did the Somali Pirates as quickly as ever take a US deliver or US hostage. nicely we've the replace and need guy in now, And we can pass down for the count style for being the main important bunch of *** kissing appeasers in the international. Obama might fairly run down usa to the international than stand and look after right here, no longer hassle-free to no longer discern that one out., He needs this usa destroyed, weakened and controlled. So he can take us into the NWO. Thats Obama.

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    Obama just learned he is only the Messiah to the Left in the US, not God of the world.

    (But I'm sure he'll try to rectify that through the UN by teaming up with Chavez and Gaddafi)

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    Wipe them out...NOW. Unleash the hounds.

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    The IOC has one hell of a nerve denying THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OBAMA!!

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    That would be the USA, thanks for play. "What parting gifts do we have for troll, Johnny?"

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