Major problems with Movie Maker 2.6! Can you please help me?

I'm now having multiple problems with Windows Movie Maker 2.6 right now. First, when I import files, the thumbnails for the files don't show up. Instead, they're generic icons for video, or picture (a paper with a bent corner), and audio is normal. Then, when I put everything together and try to save the movie file, I'm unable to! It says to verify that the original source files used for the movie are still available in the original location. I find it bull because the files never moved and they were in a folder in the desktop the whole time! So, I delete all the files in hopes of the files in the timeline showing "X's", but it doesn't! So I try putting the files in again, and the thumbnails still don't show up! Then when I close the application and try to start again in hopes that the error is fixed, it doesn't show up, or a pop up box says that "another user is running Windows Movie Maker". Now that I find bull, too, because there's only one user in the computer, excluding the guest! I have to open up task manager, end the process of MOVIEMK.exe, and start up Windows Movie Maker 2.6 again, to no avail! Can anybody help me with this? I'll never be able to make movies anymore if this keeps on happening!

And do NOT tell me to use other movie editing softwares such as Sony Vegas! It's not helpful! I wanna keep using Windows Movie Maker 2.6. I also have Version 6 in the same computer, but is not helpful, because it ruins the color of pictures in the movie file when it is saved!

I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium.

Can you help me with this major problem? Thanks!


gresa, using another video editor won't fix the problem! Thumbs down.

Update 2:

Ok, I've re-downloaded Movie Maker 2.6. Only some of the problem is resolved. I can see the picture previews in the thumbnails, but the video preview thumbnails don't. Also, I don't see the "ink blots" in the audio boxes in the timelines still. When I imported a new picture, the thumbnail doesn't show. And most of all, I still can't save the movie file!!!

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    You may try this AVS Video Editor which has many great functions. The features in the official site are below:

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    Sounds to me like there is a problem with your movie maker. If you are correctly importing media into the program, icons (with bent corners) do not appear. Clips/photos show the actual content while audio/music will show a page icon (with bent corners) that includes the formatting specs.

    Instead of trying to figure out what is wrong with your Movie Maker, I suggest reinstalling the program. Click the link below for a download of Windows Movie Maker v2.6

    If the download from the link above still does not work for you, try downloading Windows Live Movie Maker from:

    It is not as nice as the 2.6 version (in my opinion) but at least it works.

    Source(s): Lots of experience in WMM and other video editing software applications.
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