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Dodgers vs Cardinals. Who Will Win?

i think the dodgers will win it in 4 becuz wofl and kershaw has been lights out. so has padilla.. remember kershaw shut them out last time. but broxton blew it and lost in extra innings.

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    dodgers got this playoff series.. We just need a good pitching.. and great offense.. and well for sure shut the cards down..

    dodgers take the series to game 4 or a sweep..

  • I will forever say the Dodgers but man the Cardinals are the team I'm worried about they have our number and if Kershaw comes back and healthy then my Dodgers should have no prob just leave Broxton out that guy gets the first two outs easily and blows the last one!

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    The dodgers will win in 5. every physique is underestimating them. with the aid of fact they have not been as dominant as they have been on the commencing up of the season. They have been 4-6 of their final 10 video games jointly as the Cardinals have been 2-8. And indexed right here are the excellent MLB team stats for 2009. The Dodgers ranked #a million in all of baseball interior right here pitching stats: era 3.40-one WHIP a million.25 OBA .233 whilst in comparison with the Cardinals era 3.sixty six WHIP a million.30 OBA .258 as a strategies with the aid of fact the batting is going - indexed right here are the main mandatory stats: Dodgers: Ave .270 OBP .346 SLG .412 OPS .758 whilst in comparison with the Cardinals Ave .263 OBP .332 SLG .415 OPS .747 It seems to me like the only substantial class that the cardinals have been greater effectual than the Dodgers this 365 days became Slugging share, and that's barely by utilising .003 - and that they does no longer have beat them their if Manny wasnt stupid and omit 50 video games. upload in the certainty that the NL mandatory as a branch became 34 video games under .500 (they lost 34 greater video games than they gained) and the NL west became 30 video games over .500. Tells me that the Dodgers gained greater video games than the cardinals and that they did it against harder communities.

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    I think the Cardinals got this one because they have a strong pitching staff led by Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright both being strong competitives for the N.L Cy Young Award and Ryan Franklin who has been pretty strong at his new role. They also have a strong offense led by the MVP of the N.L Albert Pujols and a good offensive player on Matt Holiday.

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    The Cardinals have owned the Dodgers all season. Cardinals all the way.

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    The way the Dodgers limped through the final stretch, I'd say the Cardinals.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Cards will sweep the Dodgers

    They've owned the dodgers all year long

    Manny is finally realizing its hard to hit with out steroids!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Tough to say who's going to win. It will be decided in game 5 , both teams are good. My pick is going to be the Cardinals in 5.

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    Cardinals easy. Dodgers are too inconsistant

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    My opinion is that u guys will lose in 4 games. The reason is Carpenter and Wainwright u cant beat that.

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