Is it true that Army boot camp is easy like the Air Force bootcamp?

I went on youtube and saw a bunch of videos saying that the army bootcamp has become easy like the air force bootcamp.It pretty much said that they don't yell as much only when they have to now.Wow what the hell happend is that to get more people to sign or so that more people will graduate from bootcamp now?

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  • HDH
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    1 decade ago
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    There IS a greater emphasis on getting more people to graduate, more than there was ten or even five years ago.

    That being said, it's still not easy. They still use mind games, you will still get yelled at, you will still be held to impossible standards and get punished, en masse for not meeting them.

    This all happens in Air Force BMT as well. But the Army course is more physically challenging, with a greater emphasis on weapons training, combat training (react to IEDs and conduct convoy operations and move under livefire and hand to hand combat), ruck marches, working your way up to longer runs, map reading and land navigation, and more night training.

    Everyone is stronger in some areas than others. Some people don't have too many problems with the physical training, but have a hard time with the psychological burden of the training. Some people have no problem with that, but have trouble retaining all the information you have to remember. Everyone's different, but I can assure you that coming off of civvie street, you will be challenged by at least one of those three aspects of the training, and probably two out of the three.

    Source(s): Six years in the Army
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    5 years ago

    Speaking as an ex-Navy vet, I can say that if you are looking into the medical field and are wanting the military to help with your education, the best two branches of service to consider would be either the Navy or the Air Force. The Army does not have that many options for a female in the medical field, and the Marines use Navy medical personnel. Look into both Navy and Air Force, and decide for yourself. Good luck in whichever you decide.

  • AD
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    The best way to know for sure is to enlist and find out. It's hard to take a civilian with no military experience (Call of Duty or Youtube doesn't count) saying basic training is easy serious. It's still hard enough that people are quitting and getting sent back home.

    Also, the Army and Air Force don't do boot camp. The Marines do boot camp.

  • Buddy
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    1 decade ago

    If its anything like the Marines then you will have a lot of people say that because they think it makes them harder then the boots(people who just entered) but in reality training and regulations have changed little since the 80's

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  • 1 decade ago

    There was a documentary on basic training at fort jackson back in 2002. They showed a girl giving a flower to the drill sergeant. I was in that same unit a year later when I went to basic. Those drill sergeants smoke the crap out of us, yelled like hell, swore, and degraded us like there was no tomorrow. I wouldn't trust videos.

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