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i´m from austria and i really need your help!?

i´m from austria and i´m going to write an english test next week. it´s about the book "Animal Farm" by George Orwell and i have to know something about the historical background. i wrote something about the russian revolution (by the way: i hate history!!!) but i don´t know if that´s right. please be so kind and check it for grammar and content mistakes!!!


this is the text:

The Russian Revolution of 1917 was a rebellion of the Russian people against the rule of the Russian emperor, Nicholas II. Russia was a country full of many unsatisfied people. During the Czar´s reign, the Russian people experienced terrible poverty. Looking for an alternative to the capitalist system, many Russians grabbed on to Karl Marx’s theory of communism, which says that there should be a classless society. This means that all human beings are equal and everything belongs to everybody. Followers of Marx were called Socialists.

Lenin reached Russia in 1917 and with Trotsky he was able to lead the October revolution against the Czar victoriously. In February 1917 the Czar was forced to abdicate. After this revolution a civil war began. It lasted for 4 years. The Red Army fought, under the command of Leon Trotsky, against the White Army, the soldiers loyal to the Czar. This war was also called the class war.

After Lenins death in 1924, Stalin and Trotsky struggled for power. Stalin won and expelled Trotsky to Mexiko, where he was later killed by a KBG agent. Now Stalin was a ruler who seized for power, and he killed anyone who opposed him. Stalin and his secret police (KGB) are said to be responsible for 20 million executions. Stalin wanted to move Russia into the modern industrial age. Under his cruel rule, the government controlled land and labor. This killed thousands of innocent people.

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    Instead of "Russian emperor" I would replace that with Tsar along with the other Czars. Also "Mexiko" should be Mexico and KBG should be KGB.

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    I think its good, but instead of "alternative to the capitalist system", you could say alternative to a capitalist society , and its Mexico not Mexiko and KGB not KBG

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