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Why doesnt Steve Perry sing lead for Journey anymore?

Hes the absolute best =[

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    Journey's classic 1981-85 lineup reunited in 1996 to record Trial by Fire. The album was a small success, entering the Billboard charts at #3 and going Platinum before year's end, but its triumph was short-lived. Before the Trial By Fire tour could begin, Perry suffered a hip injury while hiking in Hawaii and was unable to perform. Perry was diagnosed with a degenerative bone condition and a hip replacement would be required. Reluctant to rush into surgery, Perry wished to postpone the tour. Due to the long wait between the album's release and the tour's postponed kick-off date, as well as the absence of Journey's iconic frontman, Journey fans were losing hope for the band's future.

    Meanwhile, long-time Journey drummer Steve Smith resigned, reportedly because Journey without Steve Perry didn't interest him. (Smith had rejoined, along with original Journey member Ross Valory, to complete what Perry has referred to as the band's quintessential line-up.)[2]

    The remaining members of Journey waited until 1998, nearly 17 months after Perry's injury, before making a decision on its future. Growing impatient and realizing the window of opportunity was closing to follow up the success of the Platinum-selling Trial By Fire LP with a world tour, Journey members Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon met with Perry and presented an ultimatum that he either undergo hip replacement surgery so the tour could proceed upon his recovery or a replacement singer would be hired[2]. Perry, still hesitant to undergo surgery and now apparently upset at his bandmates' intractability and their meddling in personal health decisions, decided to part ways with Journey. Without a lineup for any Trial by Fire tour, the band knew they had to replace Perry with a dynamic high tenor which they were able to do when they found their new vocalist, Steve Augeri of Tall Stories, and nearly two years after the album's initial release, Journey began its long-postponed tour.

    While being interviewed during Journey's Revelation tour of 2008, Schon and Cain praised Perry's mighty presence in Journey, adding that Perry had "raised the bar" for Journey. Bassist Valory suggested Journey lead singers who sound like him do so in honor of Perry's legacy with Journey.

    [edit] Post-Journey

    Perry underwent successful hip replacement surgery in 1998[2] to correct the problem he had been diagnosed with two years earlier. He released the Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased compilation album later in 1998; the unreleased tracks included an original Alien Project demo as well as selections from the abandoned Against the Wall CD. Also in 1998, Perry recorded two songs for the Warner Bros. film, Quest for Camelot, which can be found on the motion picture's soundtrack.

    Journey was the subject of an episode of VH1's Behind the Music in 2001, where Perry made the controversial statement that he "never really felt like [he was] part of the band

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    they are nonetheless singing...i observed them in stay overall performance final 12 months. they have a clean lead singer(i know it sounds like it would in no way artwork!) his call is Steve something too yet i don't know the final call. They nonetheless sound large. the hot guy sounds merely like Steve Perry. Steve Perry i think of had "resourceful ameliorations" with the band,besides the shown fact that the coolest tale became an harm or something. pay attention to three of their extra moderen stuff to pay attention the guy's voice. They nonetheless did all their previous stuff in stay overall performance and the relax members have been all there.

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    New lead singer Arnel Pineda sounds a lot like Perry when he sings. I stop short from saying exactly, although I could. Totally different than when he speaks.

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