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Dems say welfare rates are high in red states. Do they mean like New Orleans, Mobile, Birmingham, Los Angeles?

... Baltimore, Memphis, Detroit, and Chicago?

Do Dems assume everyone who lives in a Red State (Louisiana, AL, MS) are republicans even though 0bama got about 40% of the vote and the descendants of slaves live in those states?



Well, LA certainly isn't very white... but welfare is high.

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    New Orleans is run by a democratic mayor.

  • Rob
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    Democrats don't mean that directly, but yes, this is an invisible fact that lies under their conclusions.

    --Rob USMC

    To the poster below me: So it's kind of like how inexperienced Palin was as governor because Alaska has less population than Deleware?

    Those analogy's are retarded. Both are of different levels and have nothing relating to eachother. Whereas, 9 million libs in a big city out of 12 million residents can easily bring a state into the blue even though the majority of the state itself outside the city is republican, but less populated.

    I know that's a mind wrapping statement, but you can't deny this.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Those red states, recieve more Federal Dollars Because thats where the minorties live. Red States average a minority population around 30% Blue states average a minority population of just 10% Basicly, the more white a state is, the more likely it is to be a liberal state. Just look at Mass, Conn, Rhode Island, NY, NJ

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    Historically, nearly all of the poorest, welfare receiving metropolitan areas in the country are controlled, run, administered, and kept poor, by "duly elected" liberal, progressive politicians. Further, these cities receive a disproportionate amount of state and federal aid that grows every year while still not managing to raise the standard of living for the citizens of these cities.

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    I have been reading poverty levels for race.

    White is highest and has risen.

    Blacks have dropped a lot.

    Mexicans have dropped the most.

    So we whites are getting poorer.


    Imagine that California makes the chart larger then need be.

  • Nick
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    Historically, all of the poorly run cities in the USA are operated by progressive/liberal politicians. That is a fact.

  • ?
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    Great point. And as for the idiots asking for links, read the freakin news.

  • Anonymous
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    We don't make assumptions. That is your job. There are more people on welfare in red states than blue states. This statistic is used to argue with morons who act like all people on welfare are democrats.

  • Tootoy
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    Los Angeles is very blue.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Careful, you might get called racist by pointing out the elephant in the room.

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