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Thoughts on nuclear weapons?

Hey! So I'm doing a Chemistry project and we have to talk about whether or not all nuclear weapons should be destroyed and also the effects of radiation. I definitely don't want you to do my home work for me! I was just wondering your opinion to help me make mine.(:

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    In an ideal world, yes all nuclear weapons should be destroyed. Unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world.

    The current use for nuclear weapons by those countries that have them is to make sure that others who have them do not use them. It is called "the threat of mutually assured destruction." In other words... if Russia nukes the U.S., the U.S. would nuke them and we all die. Neither country wants that so neither one will launch.

    As to the effects of radiation, basically the effects from a high dose will kill you... lower doses will either make you sick and you will die without treatment or just make you sick depending on the actual dose of radiation. And the radiation from most nuclear weapons is long term so people within the area (and where the air currents move the radiation) will be exposed over time to more and more effects. Note this is just from standard nuclear weapons, neutron weapons are an entirely different animal, and frankly are scarier.

    Just some base information to help you out.

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    Nuclear power would eliminate the need for oil and make the middle east irrelevant. Humans seem to use new technology for weapons. My kid asked me what people would do if aliens landed on out planet. We would kill first and ask questions later.

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    ?, I'm gonna let you finish, but Russia had one of the best nuclear arms of all time.

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