What would the constants, independent/dependent variables be in my science experiment?

Im doing a science experiment on what type of water is best for goldfish, and i have 4 differnt types of waters ( salt, sugar, sparkeling, and tap water) and i need help understanding what the constans, independent, and dependent variables are.

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    Amount of salt, sugar, etc in water will be independent variables. What you will measure in your experiment (weight gained/lost, # of dead goldfish, etc) will be dependent variables. Each group of goldfish should be in the same water temperature and receive same amount of food, etc. Water temperature, amount of food/light, and pure water are considered constant variables.

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    1. Constant: -The things you aren't gonna change 2. Independent - The thing you are going to change 3. Dependent -The things that will change since you changed your independent factor I think it will be clearer if you see these for each experiment independently, so you do these 3 for the first experiment where you change the gender. Then another for the one you flip the words upside down. &then again another for the one you use pictures instead of words. Hope this helps!!

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    the independent variable would be the water, and the dependant variable would be the fishes life, because the fish is dependent upon the type of water in the tank.

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