how can i get close to the foreign exchange students?

there are two foreign exchange students at my school, one is from denmark and the other is from sweden. both are very attractive, and i normally like to become friends with the exchange students. i have not met them but i would like to talk to them and introduce myself without being creepy, and i want to be a gentleman and charming.

any ideas on how to get close and become friends?

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    1 decade ago
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    I am currently a foreign exchange student and I find that I click with the people who also make an effort to know me. If you want to make friends just go up and introduce yourself and smile a lot and be really friendly.

    Ask questions about their country. This is good conversation and should be a topic they are comfortable speaking about. Make sure they have someone to hang out with at lunch. If they do, great, tell them you´ll see them around, if not, great too, invite them to eat with you.

    Also invite them to come hang out after school or on the weekend because they might be to shy to suggest anything, and it can get boring if you just spend all day with your host family.

    Whatever you do, always make a point of saying hi when you cross paths. Good luck!

  • 3 years ago

    Send him again with the reciept. Say that the rationale you are returning him is that the organization did not ship you a reputable French scholar, however truthfully despatched you a a lot more low-cost Quebecois, and attempted to move him off as French. It might be an excessive amount of of a dilemma to check out to end up you improper, so they're going to simply take him again and provide you an entire refund to restrict any truly attempt on their aspect.

  • 1 decade ago

    ."Accidentally bump into them.Apologize,introduce yourself and hopefully exchange contact numbers

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