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S.S. hw: I'm a union leader, and i need to make a plan to invade the south. What plan do i make?

I can't use the plans like the anaconda plan and the blockade because they were already used. We have to make up our own plan and i am really clueless! It seems like all the good ideas were already taken. So what plan can i make?

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    1. After careful and extensive preparations, blitz Richmond, Virginia with everything you got. Fire McClellan and find a general with balls who will attack Richmond from the water as well.

    2. Scorched Earth Policy for everything except Sherman's March to the Sea (because that was already used). Burn Virginia to the ground. Burn the South to the ground one city, one town, one farm at a time.

    3. Capture or assassinate Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jackson, Jeb Stuart, Andrew Johnson. Imprison their families in the North and hold them for ransom.

    4. Set up relocation centers in the far West territories for any secessionists who support the Confederacy.

    5. Appropriate all real property of secessionists by force and offer fee simple title as booty/loot/bounty to all Union conscripted soldiers as a reward for meritorious service.

    6. Step up design and mass production of Spencer and Winchester repeating rifles as standard issue to all Union soldiers at no charge to the soldiers.

    7. Dispense with classic formation battles against fixed positions unless only option.

    8. Flood the South with counterfeit Confederate money to destroy economy.

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