Anyone know about Manchester United?

Well, my friend watches Manchester United (Soccer) and I'm trying to keep up with him cause I know NOTHING about them.. SO anyone know their scheduale, wins and loses and so on.. so does anyone have a website or something?!

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    Glad to help. I must say, though, don't listen to anybody who hates United- most are just jealous!

    As of now, Manchester United are currently second in the standings of the Premier League (their league). United have 19 points, while the leaders, Chelsea, have 21 points. For each win, the team gets 3 points. For each draw (when a match ends in a tie), each team gets 1 point. A loss gets you none. There are a total of 20 teams in the Premiership- every team plays each other 2 times, once in their home stadium and then in the other team's stadium. Manchester United's home stadium is Old Trafford, located in Greater Manchester, England.

    Historically, United are the most successful team in the Premiership. Since the creation of the Premier League in 1992, here is a timeline of United's victories-

    1992/93 - Inaugural members of the Premier League

    1992/93 - Eric Cantona signs from Leeds United for £1.2m

    1992/93 - Win FA Carling Premiership

    1993/94 - Win FA Carling Premiership and FA Cup

    1995/96 - Win FA Carling Premiership and FA Cup

    1996/97 - Win FA Carling Premiership

    1998/99 - Win FA Carling Premiership, European Cup, and FA Cup

    1999/00 - Win FA Carling Premiership

    2000/01 - Win FA Carling Premiership

    2002/03 - Win Barclaycard Premiership

    2003/04 - Win FA Cup

    2005/06 - Win League Cup

    2006/07 - Win Barclays Premiership

    2007/08 - Win Barclays Premier League, win European Cup

    2008/09 - Win Barclays Premier League, Carling Cup, World Club Championship.

    As you can see, they are good!

    Football doesn't work like many other sports, for its divided into regions and countries and stuff . For example, United, in the past year, have played in the Premier League, Champions League, and the FA Cup. United are officially members of the Premier League, the top-flight English league. They also compete in the FA Cup, which is another English competition, in a knockout format. They also usually compete in an exclusive league reserved for the best- the Champions , or European Cup. The Champions League has teams from all around the world, in different Leagues (La Liga, Bundesliga, Premier League etc.).

    Sorry, I know this is very complex, but you're talking about one of the most popular and historically relevant football club in the world. They f*cking kick ***! This is really just a brief overview of the clubs history and a very short outline of how it works. For more information and updates, I suggest these sites-





    -Those are just a few sites, Google: Manchester United for more! I'd check Wikipedia for a really good history and check out another great site.

    PS- One more thing. Manchester United go by many names: Manchester United, Man United, Man Utd, United, and the Red Devils (their team name) are common names. However, never use the name Man U- it pains me just to type it! It is a huge insult!! NEVER USE IT!!

    This is a great time to get interested in United!

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    Open the official website of Manchester United and you can find everything you need there.

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    Everything you want to know can be found at the link below, But i must warn you the devil lives on the other side of this link.

    Where as GOD.. lots of angels with cute little golden harps and lots of you're favourite food and a shiny cannon lives beyond this link.

    Careful what you click!

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    just type manchester united in google and go to their website

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    Recylcing google:

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    cheer for Manchester City, he will think ur smarter

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    best club in the world mufc

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    You'll thank me for it in the long run.


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