Can anyone help me with this!?

I have a history project about Puritans. & i need help with these questions:

Where do you find evidence that the Puritans were not as cold and unfeeling as they are sometimes portrayed?

What was the connection between the Puritans and the Pilgrims?

What can you conclude about the goals of the New England Puritans from the writings of William Bradford and John Winthrop?

What does the poetry of Anne Bradstreet tell you about the Puritan heart and mind?

What can you say about the Puritan economic system?

In what sense was the Puritan economic model a forerunner of modern capitalism?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! & don't say i should do it myself please because i am looking everywhere for these answers! but i can't find anything & i would like some help! PLEASE & THANK YOU :)

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