Is it ok to mix different generic versions of the same pill?

I'm on Ativan for panic disorder, and take the generic lorazepam. I was just given an extension on my prescription but it is a different manufacturer, my usual dose being two pills will it make any difference if one is purepac brand and the other sandoza brand?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Normally lorazepam is excreted from the body

    within 12 hours after you have taken the pill.

    So if you take less than two times a day, it is definitely safe and if you take it once a day it is

    no problem I would say too.

    Some patients that are taking generic drugs can experience a difference between tablets from different manufacturers. If you will have that problem you better talk with your doctor.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would go ahead and take the pills by two different manufacturers. If you are really concerned call the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist. You could call your M.D. but it will take a lot longer and a pharmacist is qualified to answer that sort of question.

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  • Bridey
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    1 decade ago

    Should not be any problem.

    Work for MD 25yrs

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