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i threw away my retainer with one week left, are my teeth gonna move?

I got my braces off two weeks ago. I was supposed to wear the clear plastic retainer for three weeks. I went to a restaurant today and I accidently left my retainer there and they threw it away. I was only supposed to wear it for one more week. Are my teeth going to move? I'm really scared because I refuse to get braces again. My parents are freaking out too because they want my teeth to perfect since the braces were so expensive.

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    yes they might move but u should go back to the dentist asap and tell them to make u a knew one since it got thrown away or else ur teeth may move

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    you're meant to maintain donning it, yet i did not. I had braces decrease back in center college to straighten my tooth and in hassle-free terms wore the retainer after for some months (I in all probability must be donning it now years later). yet I basically could not be stricken. My tooth are not somewhat crooked now the two. I say do what you pick, they are your tooth. And if your tooth do pass, your retainer will not extra wholesome anymore, so while you're unlikely to positioned on it anymore you're able to besides throw it away. basically be arranged to stand the end results of what you come to a determination (ie. if your tooth get somewhat crooked later on you're able to could desire to get them fixed back). all of us could desire to make our very own possibilities.

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    Gahh, that stinks! :( Im sorry to hear that, I would deff. call your dentist ASAP and get a new one. Also, ask if you should wear it longer, I know its prob not fun wearing one, but would you rather wear it longer and have better teeth? or not wear it and then have ugly teeth??

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