What jobs are availible in the E.P.A. involving civil/environmental engineering?

That is what i want to go to college for and i was wondering what jobs are avalible if any for civil/environmental/general engineering majors with architechture or criminal justice or engineering science minor.

how would i become an environmental police officer?

do they like veternas? ( i want to join military first)

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    The EPA hires a lot of environmental engineers - so do the contractors who work for the EPA! Preference is given to vets in Federal hiring, so you would be in a win win situation if you did a military stint (try to get an environmental position) and then got an environmental engineering or science degree (engineering better). You don't need to be a police officer to work for EPA compliance and enforcement section. Go the EPAs website and read about their different departments and see what they do.

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    ok you get EXTRA POINTS when you claim "veterans preference". Literally, they give you "points" and if you have more than someone then you have a better chance of getting the job. Which is very GOOD! Bad for me because i never check "veterans preference" when I apply for jobs.

    And I don't think you NEED a degree in engineering to be an environmental police officer. But your thinking is on the right track, and an environmental engineering degree would give you lots of opportunities with the EPA. Find out if you need the engineering degree to do what you want to do. Do you like engineering? Do you want to be an engineer? Don't do engineering if you don't have to, unless you really enjoy the problem solving and math. Because you can get a degree in something else (environmental science, and others, there are lots to choose from) and if you do well then you can be just as successful as any engineer in the EPA and you didn't get FUKED for five years in college.

    Serving in the military is an excellent way to begin a long career to ANYWHERE you want. You can talk to people in the army, navy, air force, marines. They have lots of programs for serving, or becoming an officer, and/or getting your education paid for... You can study whatever you want and build leadership and communication skills in addition. Make sure you fully understand the fine print in any program they offer you before you sign any paperwork. The armed forces have excellent opportunities if you plan ahead and stick with it.

    EPA website has endless information, i've spent lots of time there as a student but now i'm unemployed civil engineering graduate and I hate my life

    Good luck! You sound very ambitious and I think you will be successful whichever way you go

    Source(s): civil engineering graduate... glad I chose it but right now I am feeling a little betrayed by the profession I studied with a passion for 5 years
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    I am sure they love veterans. However consider what you really want to do before jumping in. Military is great, however, right now, I would not want to be a target, unless I was assured to a non-military job, in miltary.

    As for the job, go to usajobs. and you should see things in your area, and of your interest. Good Luck!

    Source(s): Looking for work myself.............not military..........clerical (adm. office). have placed on yahoo.
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