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14 week old puppy pooping in the crate at night and all over house?

My neighbor has a 14 week old female american pit bull terrier puppy that pees and poops all over her house and poops in her crate.

Please read ALL the info before responding.

Her crate is a small crate typically used for a cat so that there is not extra room for her to poop and she still does.

She will NOT yet walk on her leash,she stubbornly sits there and would rather be dragged than walked.Trust me I tried to help my neighbor with this to no avail.So walking her before bed to get things moving right now is not going to work.

She eats at 4pm and has nothing later than that.

She puts the pup in the yard for an hour to two before bed.

As far as discipline,I take the puppy once or twice a week and when she does pee or poop I shout a firm no and place her in the yard immediately.

Do you think that she may have a behavior problem?

I was thinking that she may have a food allergy that is causing her to have these issues(it is not always diarrhea,sometimes it's hard) my neighbor feeds her Pedigree dog food,I know that she should be on puppy food but my neighbor does not want to buy 2 foods for her 2 dogs.

Please don't be rude for it is not my dog and there is nothing I can do as far as forcing my neighbor to change her food.

She says that she brought her to the vet and they said that she's fine.

Another thing,whether she's at her owner's house or visiting my home,there is another dog who you would think she would follow the lead from or learn from and she still does not.


I never said anything about the breed of my neighbor's other dog or my dog.

The breeds have no baring on the situation.

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    She definitely needs a bigger crate for starters. Even a area fenced off with a baby gate or an over turned coffee table if she can't find a crate. Also the neighbor should be getting up to let the puppy out in the middle of the night. They have very small bladders at 14 weeks and can not hold it for the whole night. Of course the puppy is going to poop in it's crate since it can't hold it for hours on end. She needs to take the puppy out in the middle of the night, period. If she doesn't, she is going to find it will keep doing this until it gets bigger and can hold it longer.

    With the walking, the dog needs to be taught to walk on a leash. 14 weeks is still young for some puppies and for others they have already mastered it. Try using a halter and not a collar, that way you won't have to drag the puppy around. Also try walking the dog every chance you get and for short times at first. Make the walking on the leash fun for the puppy. Run a little, stop and play for a few seconds and then walk around in circles and get puppy excited. Make the dog want to go for a walk. Give it some incentive to want to get the leash on and have some fun with it!

    When you catch pup going to the bathroom in the house, don't yell at it. Simply say no and immediately pick it up and put it in the yard. If you don't catch it going to the bathroom in the house, but simply find a spot or pile of poop, you can not give the dog any grief. ONLY when you catch the pup doing it inside, can you discipline it. Puppies have very short attention spans and if you discipline them a few minutes after they have went inside, they will have no idea what the heck your mad about. Puppies respond better to praising for going outside then for getting in trouble for going inside. When the puppy goes tot he bathroom outside, give it a huge hug and a bunch of pets and tell her she is a good girl etc. Make her really know you are happy she is going outside.

    And lastly with the food, please tell your neighbor to just give in and buy some puppy food. In all honestly the puppy needs the different formula in a puppy food to grow properly. That's why it is formulated for puppies. If she still won't, maybe you can give her a bag to start her off. Once she see's the puppy isn't having diarrhea, then she might change her mind and buy puppy food. I am in no way being mean here, but when someone takes on the responsibility of getting a puppy and training it and looking after it, it would only be best if they gave it the proper food. Tell her to think of it like a baby, you would give a baby formula and baby food and not coffee and a donut right?

    Hope this helps :)

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    Being that the puppy is only 14 weeks old, she needs to be housetrained.

    The pup needs to be taken out first thing in the morning, after any play time, after eating and just before she is put into her crate at night.

    She should also be taken out hourly.

    If the pup is having accidents in the house it is not the fault of the puppy but most defiantly is the fault of the owner.

    If the owner does not know the signs that the puppy has to go outside to eliminate she needs to pay closer attention. Scolding the pup by the owner or yourself is wrong. You or the owner should have taken the pup outside. Accidents happen, just clean it up and chalk it up to you not seeing the signs that the pup had to go potty.

    The owner needs to take the puppy outside on a schedule and stick to it.

    As for the leash training, put the leash on her and let her drag it around the house behind her (in short intervals) then after she is comfortable with it, gently pick it up and just follow her as she walks on it. Given some time you or the owner will be walking along with the pup.

    The issue with her defecating in the crate is due to not having been brought outside prior to going to bed and or not having been taken out of her crate early enough in the morning.

    The owner should not be sleeping in late at all and should be getting up any time she hears the pup cry and take her out, yes regardless of the time. She can not hold herself for long periods of time. She is a baby and needs to treated as such with her house training.

    If you were trying to potty train a toddler and they had an accident in the pull up would you raise your voice "NO" and then stick them on the toilet? No of course you wouldn't. You would just clean the child and then just continue with the potty training. The same goes for the pup (a baby) The reason a pup is not called a dog is because they are babies.

    She does not have a behavioral problem .. the problem is that she is not being trained properly and the owner hasn't a clue as to how to train her.

    Look into canine training facilities within your area. The owner as well as the pup need training to make this a successful venture.

    A puppy/dog is only as well trained as the owner themselves have been trained to teach.

    Source(s): Owned by boxers 25+ years
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    your neighbor really needs to take charge of her puppy. first off pedigree is know to cause fatty tumors on dogs and really isn't the best food for a puppy. for the leash training that's just ridiculous she has to train her she cant just not let the dog win all the time the puppy it seems like is seeing herself as the leader. what she should do is put her on the leash bring treats then stretch the leash out and call her let her smell and the treats and have her come when she gets the hang of that put hold the treats and walk with her. that dog should NOT be in a cat crate! that's way to small! she probably going cuz that's behavioral its not cuz f anything else she is upset in there and that's why she pottys all the time she needs to go on walks.

    Source(s): dog groomer
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    You've got to help your neighbor with leash training this dog. Start in the yard so nosey people won't report you. Find a toy or something that will move the dog forward. It is okay to pull the dog but it is better if you can use something that will encourage the dog to move forward on it's own. Work on this several times a day. Just like the donkey and the carrot trick. Any forward movement should be encouraged and praised.

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    It's only 14 weeks old, if it's only at night then maybe she just can't hold on that long. Just put some paper down; when she goes on that then praise her loads, and move on to praising her loads when she goes in the garden. As she gets a bit older she'll get the hang of it. Bt really your neighbour wants to get something a bit bigger than a cat crate; she should be able to get up, walk around and lie outstretched in it, or it could interfere with her development,

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    The dog does not YET have any serious behavior problems. Because of the potential danger this breed can pose I suggest consulting a professional dog trainer ASAP.

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    It doesnt sound like a problem with the food, more like one with her training. the fact that she wont walk on her leash is a little bit of an indicator that she's still not trained very well.

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    It's still a puppy! Maybe try to convince your neighbor to get her/his dog in puppy training school.

    Source(s): We did this to our dog when it was a puppy and it worked greatly.
  • You and your neighbor both have 2 APBTs? Interesting.

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