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Do you think it's weird that Michelle told the IOC she sat on her Dad's lap at the age of 20?

Michell regaled the IOC with stories of sitting on her Dad`s lap watching Carl Lewis competing in the Olympics.

Carl Lewis first appeared at the 1984 Olympics.

Michelle was 20 years old.

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    Michelle's logic was: My father suffered from MS, therefore the Olympics should be in Chicago. Barack's logic was: I was born in Hawaii (supposedly) and I grew up in Indonesia, therefore the Olympics should be in Chicago. Rio's logic was: We have topless beaches, therefore the Olympics should be in Rio. Guess who won?

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    Carl Lewis would have competed in 1980 (except the boycott kept that from happening); he didn't win until '84.

    Still, that is kind of a bizarre statement.

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    i think of this solutions a number of questions related to the psychological wellbeing of the 1st she-male this is attainable they have been sitting on precise of one yet another inorder to could desire to bypass the crack pipe a shorter distance and so as that they could "shot gun" crack smoke decrease to and fro...we already knew michelleO is ghetto so this must be no ask your self Now I even have little question that michelle and father had irrelevant touching that actual could have had him arrested and put in penal complex yet we ought to additionally do not forget that michelle's final call is obama, not something says ambitious face shameless liar like "obama"

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    Revealing family secrets. Either Dear Ole Dad was a Pedophile or Incest was a way of life.

    Sounds similar to the story Hillary told about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who didn't scale Mt. Everest until after she was littered.

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    Michelle is Obsessed with Power, Money and Prestige.

    There is no telling what she will say as long at it sound good at the time.

    She honestly believes that no one will question here.

    She tells lies to cover lies and they get so far out reached she can't recall which lie she told when or where.

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    about the same as b.o. sharing how he rode astride his grandfathers shoulders down to the Navy dock to greet the astronauts on their return from the moon,correct me if I err but according to his book he was in indonesia when the first apollo mission occurred.

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    To be honest it's how the person's mind set it........whichever way they thinking, that's them. But in my opinoin no I mean it's her dad. No matter what age you are it really doesn't matter.......I still sit on my parents lap and I'm almost, It doesn't matter. :)

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    Sorta like Obama claiming that his birth was a result of the march in Selma...Which happened years after he was born

    And...Hillary's 'sniper fire'...As well as Hillary claiming she was named after the guy who climbed Mount Everest...But, he didn't do that (and no one had heard of him) until years after Hillary was born...

    Liberals never let silly little things like 'facts' get in the way of their agenda

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    Everything about barri's husband, Micheal is creepy.

  • lol. How could she (or any politician) agree to a speech without believing or relating to it or even making sure it was mathematically correct. Politicians amaze me with their arrogance.

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