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Where can I download a good PMD for MMD?

I downloaded one but when I try to open it it says Error then there are two buttons saying Send Error Report and Don't Send

I need help!

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    Are you referring to MikuMiku Dance models?

    Are you usng Bakadraw's Vocaloid?

    Step 1: Keep your program updated

    If you're using the Multi-Model edition of MikuMiku Dance, and want to install more models, make sure your version is 3.0 lowest. For more current models, download the latest version. The last I checked we're now up to Version 4.0. You can download the program files from PVP Wiki.

    Step 2: Put your Models in the proper folder

    MMD Models belong in your 'Models' folder. To find it, go to your root MMD Directory (C:Program Files/MikuMikuDance or whever you've put it) then click User File > Models, and dump your model data in there.

    Step 3: Source files

    A common mistake in moving your models is that most people only relocate the pmd file on it's own. Then when you go to display the model in the program, the eyes or some materials may be replaced by white. Because some models include extra textures, the model is programmed to link to these extra image files. If they are not in the same folder as the model, the link breaks, resulting in nearly bare models. Using Windows Explorer (The file browser that comes up when you click 'My Computer' or 'My Documents' on the desktop) move these image files WITH the model. Wherever the model goes, these image files must go.

    Step 4: When your model comes in a folder

    You can use models that are downloaded in their own folder (like it it came in a zip and the folder was there when you extracted) in the main models folder, if you remember to relocate the source images as well. If the model doesn't include any source images, either it uses some it assumes you already have certain ones (such as models that use Miku's greenish colored eyes), or you don't need any. More often than not the eyes are the only issue. You can relocate your "eyes.bmp" files (they're numbered) to your new model folder, the model will automatically load with the right eyes. Of course the easiest way is to move all of the model data into the main models folder with everybody else :)

    Source(s): Bakadraw's Vocaloid Tutorials -
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