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How much would it be to rent a U-Haul?

How much would it be to rent a U- Haul trailer for 10 days? It would be a small one just for moving Christmas presents and decorations to Georgia.

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    U-Haul rents its 4X8 van trailer for $14.95/day and 5X8 for $18.95/day. This is the "in town" price which simply means coming back to the location you picked it up from, regardless of miles driven. If you go "one way" the price will be based on supply and demand from the city you are picking up from, and dropping off at. The "One Way" price will include X amount of days, and you will be charged $20 for every additional day. Call a local store, or 1-800-Go-U-Haul for a one way quote. Good Luck!

    Source(s): GM of Large U-Haul Center
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    20 for a small

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    Thier website will allow you to enter all relevant info and then it will give you a quote. I did this just the other day.

    Source(s): Have to haul some junk about 600 miles north. YIPPEE!
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    Why not build shelf?!

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