Is the 2009 SEC football conference overrated?

I think they are. And I think they are every year. I believe they do attract top athletes, put come draft day the Pac and Big 10 put just as many in as the SEC. Plus. Sec fans will look to the rankings. I say it's easy to have so many teams in the top 25 when you non-conference schedule is HORRIBLE!. Plus they play most of these crap teams at home. I don't see the Pac 10 doing this.

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    Do I think the SEC is over rated, this year yeah it is, but for the past three years it has been the toughest conference in the country, so it was due for a down year. When you look at the non-conference schedules yeah they don't schedule tough games (except Alabama this year, against a good Va Tech school) against high quality opponents but neither do schools in the Big 10, Big 12 or Pac 10, really why would you, a two loss year can deraill your entire season (just look at Oklahoma season) and as a coach why risk it, I mean even Notre Dame (who use to have one of toughest schedules in America every year) doesn't schedule like it use too. And some teams benefit from not playing every team in theiconferencece (just look at Florida this year who doesn't have to play Ole Miss, Alabama or Auburn, though they may play one in the Conference title game) but that happens in all BCS conferences except the Pac 10. As I said earlier yeah I think the SEC is a little over rated this year, I haven't really been to impressed with any team from the conference, but I still think it's the toughest conference in college football and will probably put 2 teams in BCS games again this year, and until a conference supplants the SEC's winning percentage of .710, in 17 BCS bowl games since 1998 (the Pac 10 is second right now with a win percentage of .692 in 13 games) the SEC will be the toughest conference in football.

  • I half agree, half disagree with you. I do think the SEC is overrated this year...or is at least not nearly as strong as it was last year. That's normally how is works though...kind of like the "superbowl hangover" effect. They were so dominant last year that the pre-season hype this year has lead to them not being able to live up to it. I do still think they're obviously one of the three best conferences, and logically they're still at the top until someone else knocks em' off (which i think could very well happen this year).

    In terms of the cupcake schedules...everyone does that. There's usually one or two teams here & there in every conference that is the exception...but by & large 90% of all "Big-Six" conferences schedule 2-4 games against "Tech Schools for the Blind." You can argue that some match-ups are more ridiculous than others (like florida playing charleston southern, where they were picked by 70 points...where as the Sunbelt & MAC teams are becoming quite good, mostly due to the help they've received from the Big-10...I mean, didn't it take a 2-OT miracle last year for LSU to beat Troy at home). Just look at the non-con schedule of my nittany lions (which really hurt them in their big-10 opener 2 weeks ago). The cupcake, early season FCS stuff happens everywhere relatively equally.

    Source(s): So my answer is that yes, the SEC is overrated this year....but they're still the top conference until someone dissproves it. Maybe not in the polls, but they're certainly overrated in terms of how good their fans seem to think they are (they generally like to claim that even the bottom teams in their conference would dominate the best teams in every other conference...which is about the most retarded thing I've ever heard...especially for a conference that refuses to schedule any regular season games vs teams like USC, UT, PSU, OU, OSU, etc). And every major big-6 conference schedules their fair share of early-season cupcake games.
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    SEC schools should do what Oklahoma did and schedule 2 good non conference teams and lose. Well Oklahoma didn't mean to schedule those 2 good teams, they weren't good when they planned them. Maybe Alabama should schedule San Jose St like USC. Auburn should play Eastern Washington like Cal. Kentucky should play Idaho like Washington does. All I can say is at least Oregon isn't afraid to play real non conference teams, they lost to Boise St but still not afraid.

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    How many different meetings can boast approximately having 3 groups equivalent to LSU, Alabama and Arkansas of their convention....What different convention has 7 groups within the best 25? The Pac12 has Stanford and Oregon and it does not drop off from there?? The Big 12 has Oklahoma State and Oklahoma and it does not drop off from there?. The Big 10 has who? Penn State with an eight-a million list and was once spanked through Bama. The ACC and Big East have what number of groups within the best 15? Most puffed up? I suppose now not......

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    Well pal until you knock the giant off the mountain you still are playing second fiddle. This year is the Strongest I have seen the Pac-10 in years however Boise State trumps Oregon what if Oregon wins the Pac-10? Don't yell about the SEC worry about the Mountain West!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): I really don't think a college playoff would be good the SEC is the Big East of Football as they are to basketball.
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    why don't you jealous ppl drop this. I mean so sorry that the mighty SEC has won 3 National Titles in a row probably soon to be 4. Why must yall hate on our Conf. oh I know why b/c we are that good, and as far as non Conf. schedule goes yeah they have played some little teams aside from Bama playin VT and winnig 34-24. All conferences play cupcakes b/c you still have to play the teams in your own Conf., but I do understand those other Conf. aren't as tough as the SEC is to win in so to make yourselves look better you go schedule big out of conf. games b/c your conf. is weak!

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