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1873年Levi Strauss試圖將金屬釘縫在男生的工作褲上,使工作褲更耐用,這些創意使工作褲更耐用禁得起時間的考驗。當時他並不知道,全世界第一條牛仔褲和真正的服裝象徵就此誕生了。

創新是Levi's®的中心思想。從Levi's®牛仔褲開始,無論是產品、市場行銷、工作場所,他們不斷開創趨勢、建立新品質標準、並且透過改變持續改善產品之品質。 1999年推出的Levi's® 3D牛仔褲,更重新演繹了世界第一件符合人體工學設計的牛仔褲,這種服飾的剪裁和人類外型的自然曲線引領世界潮流。Levi's® Superlow牛仔褲,隨後更掀起低腰牛仔褲的新趨勢。


Levi's®的廣告不僅代表它的產品,同時極能反應出這個品牌以及它所具有的價值。這個品牌代表著創意、同理心及勇氣。在90年代,Levi's®再度使用動畫廣告宣傳發行Clayman產品,2002年成功推出的Levi's® Type 1牛仔褲,這款產品的標籤上寫著:'Made for Bold Self Expression'(為大膽自我表現者而作),正是Levi's®品牌長期以來的訴求:追求自由、樂趣、自我、性感和自信。

Levi Strauss和價值觀

Levi Strauss & Co. 的基本價值就像Levi Strauss發明的牛仔褲,對於社會的貢獻一樣影響深遠。這些價值被定義為同理心、創造力、正直、果敢。這些價值觀驅使我們承諾我們應負的社會責任。於1952年成立的Levi Strauss 基金會 (LSF) 正式實現它們。這個獨立的基金會授權給許多組織,創造更多的社會價值,基金會每年撥出美金1千5百萬元贊助全世界有關社群,幫助消弭貧窮和歧視,並且特別照顧婦女及青年。

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    Levi's ® brand and creative 1873 Levi by attempting to metal nails joint to boys overalls, so the work pants more durable, these ideas make overalls more durable able to stand the test of timeThat he did not know, the world's a pair of jeans and genuine garment symbol this was born. Innovation is the central idea of the Levi's ®From the start, Levi's ® jeans from product, marketing, workplace, they continuously trends, the establishment of new quality standards, and the continuous improvement through changes in product quality The introduction in 1999 Levi's ® 3D jeans, more reinterpreted the world first with the requirements of the ergonomics of the jeans, this dress to look and feel of the crop and human natural curve leads the world trendLevi's ® superlow jeans, subsequently the waist jeans has set off a new trend Levi's ®, Levi's ® brand and advertising advertising not only on behalf of its products, at the same time extremely capable of reflecting the brand and the value itThis brand stands for creativity, empathy and courage.In the 1990s, Levi's ® again with an animated advertisement issued Clayman products, the successful launch in 2002 Levi's ® type 1 jeans, this product volume label says: ' made for bold self expression ' (as bold as the manifestation), is Levi's ® brand to the demands of a long time: the pursuit of freedom, fun, self-, sexy By Levi and values by Levi & co. core values like invented by Levi jeans, is the same as for the community.These values are defined as empathy, creativity, integrity, determination and courage.These values dictates that we undertake that we should take social responsibility.Established in 1952 by Foundation (Levi LSF) to implement them.This independent Foundation licensed to many organizations, creating more social value, Foundation annually US $ 1 million sponsorship of the world community, help contribute to the resolution relating to poverty and discrimination, and give special attention to women and young persons.

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