PS3 or Xbox 360 Elite?

I am still not sure what system to purchase. I have played a 360 and I do enjoy Halo. I thought I was dead set on getting a 360 but after I did a little more research it seemed like the PS3 was more up and coming and also might be around longer.

I want to know your opinion on what I should buy?

I know xbox live is supposed to be better but is it really that much better than PS3? What does it have that PS3 doesn't.

Netflix also doesn't matter to me and I don't mind having to pay 50 dollars a year for live.

I think that having blu ray would be nice but it is not a big factor in my decision.

Does PS3 have achievements or ranked matches on their online play? If not what do they have?

One last thing. Is there any game on the PS3 that compares to Halo as far as multi player and online goes?

Thanks... Any answers would be a big help.


I like Sports games and first person shooters!

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    I would seriously recommend you a PS3... Apart from all fanboy crap, lets get facts straight shall we...

    1) Myth 1:XBL is superior to PSN..... Answer Yes it's superior, but not by a margin that fanboys blow it.I own both and here is the thing that XBL is superior in... It has a few more features like Cross Game Chat (Primary bragging right for 360 fanboys as it allows any one playing a game to chat with another player playing any other game) and Netflix and it has a little better interface... But here is the thing, Sony has made a rule for ALL it's first party devs to set up dedicated servers for their games...

    The main advantage of dedicated servers is the fact that even if you have a slow connection, it doesn't lag... You must have heard of a game called Gears 2 on the 360.. It lags like crazy due to no servers (10 players online max).. While a game called Killzone 2 (PS3 exclusive FPS.. Halo killer) which is termed as THE BEST LOOKIN GAME TILL DATE can support 32 players online at at a time (Halo only 16) while another game being released next year named MAG (FPS) will support 256 players online !!!!!!! Ya you heard that right 256!!!! Not a single 360 game supports more than 20 players online whereas PS3 FPSes like Resistance 2 (60 players) Killzone 2 (32 player+Best looking) and MAG(256 player) push online margin.... DEDICATED SERVER FTW!!!

    MYTH 2: PS3 has no games- This is a real easy one... This year alone PS3 has more exclusive games than the 360 (Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, R & C, Infamous...). Last years GOTY (Game of the Year) awards went to Little Big Planet and MGS4 (Both PS3 exclusives)... Even this year, the GOTY award is likely to go to Uncharted 2 (already highest rated exclusive on meta (link... Higher than any 360 or PS3 exclusive game till date.. 97 whereas Halo at 94, LBP at 95, MGS4 at 94, Killzone 2 92)). This is THE GAME TO OWN ON PS3.... (it's a TPS like Gears).

    With both the above myth busted, lets get to the questions..

    1)PS3 has a similar feature to achievement system. It's called the TROPHY system. Trophies are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum... It works in a similar way. The multi plat games are always the same with the same format of online ranked matches and stuff.

    Frankly speaking Halo is over rated. It isn't even rendered in HD for crying out loud (600P resolution while HD starts at 720P.. Google it if you want). The graphics when compared to current games are poor, and the gameplay is noobish. I would highly recommend Killzone 2 as it's the best FPS I have played this gen. It doesn't have partial auto aim like COD or Halo (yes both have partial auto aim).. This game is realistic and has no auto aim help... IT tougher and trust me it's worth it when you play with 32 players online with graphics unparalleled....

    The game itself weighs more than 40GB (YES 40GB!!!!! Comes on Blu Ray.. It has 20 GB textures.. Thats more than 2 Halo games just on textures Lol)

    As I said, PS3 is worth the money.. Just get this... Both PS3 and 360 at same price.. PS3 gives you an added Blu Ray player, wifi, Bluetooth, Chargeable controls (not provided in 360), FREE online, better reliability (360's have failure rate of 30-40%)... Plus more upcoming games like God Of War 3, Uncharted 2, FF vs 13, GT5, MAG, Heavy Rain, TLG, R & C, God Of War Collection pack (GOW1 and 2 in HD)... It only does EVERYTHING.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Go with the PS3. Seriously as the above guy mentioned, it's not a major thing as fanboys make it sound. Even I own both and the online is similar in every which way. That dedicated server fact mentioned by above guy is also right. Try playing Gears 2 with 10 people online and you will know what I mean. The match making takes and eternity and the game LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGS. With dedicated servers, you can have massive number of players at a time (256 highest on PS3 whereas the most 360 can is somewhere around 30.. And don't feel 256 is much.I am in MAG beta now and must say the maps are HUGE and it actually feels like a war).

    Games is subjective. As you mentioned, you like FPSes and yes PS3 has these awesome FPSes like Killzone 2 (Best FPS till date no doubt) and Resistance 2 is also good. MAG when it comes out in March next year will be awesome (as I said I am in the beta now and it's addictive). Halo is good, but it's getting old now. The latest installment ODST only had a 5 hour story mode and only 3 new maps and costs 60$ which is a rip off.. It also got low scores (84 on metacritics which sucks for a Halo). The series is getting old fast and the graphics frankly are embarrassing for a flag ship FPS for the 360 especially after what Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 looks like.

    Plus all PS3 games come on Blu-Ray and weigh in a lot more than 360 games. KZ2-35GB, MGS4-40GB, Uncharted 2-30GB.... This means more textures and content loaded per disc.

    You also get Blu-Ray with it. It might seem small now, but if you look at the statistics Blu-Ray is growing faster than DVD when DVD first came out. Blu-Ray will take over after 2010 and PS3 WILL BE abound till at least 2014 (If the world still exists lol). You also get Wifi (360 charges 100$ more for it), FREE online (360 online is little better but not worth 50$ annually. Just imagine if you use 360 for 4 years, then you have to pay 200$ for online which is the price of the 360 base model lol), PS3 gives Bluetooth chargeable controllers (AAA bats and pre historic Infrared for 360). Lastly, PS3 hard drive can be easily upgraded by a standard laptop drive (I got 500GB for 75$ off ebay)... Whereas microsoft charges 100$ for a 60GB drive!

    Plus there are many more small features on the PS3 like full 7.1 HDMI support (360 only 5.1), then you can store movies on the PS3 hard drive whereas the 360 doesn't... What am I supposed to do with the 120GB? 360 only can read whereas a PS3 can read and copy files via any media server wirelessly)..... It's soooo much more worth it than the 360. It's the complete media solution at your home period. Plus RELIABILITY. A recent survey of the 360 users proved that 54.2% of 360 hardware failed and nearly 76% of the first model failed which is pathetic considering that PS3 fails only 0.1-1% of the time..

    In the end it's up to you. Don't follow the fanboy bullsh!t most people here say. Don't even follow me if you disagree. Just go with what your mind tells you. I posted facts why PS3 should be a better choice as it's future proof... It's up to you now.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I used to have both Xbox 360 and PS3 systems earlier this year, but after taking a fairly easy vote, I sold my Xbox 360 to buy accessories for my PS3. The people posting above me pretty much took all my thoughts of what I was going to post here, so if you're just gonna take a tally of PS3 or Xbox 360 on these answer postings, put me down for PS3

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  • 1 decade ago

    Both same thing, PS3 is cheaper. All you need to know.

    For in-depth, keep reading. Both 360 and PS3 are the same price initially without add ons, remember that.


    360: $100 for Wifi Adaptor, $50 a year for Online gaming, $30 for Charging your controller

    PS3: Free Built-in Wifi, Free online gaming, free usb cable for controller. Free internet browser, can surf the internet like on a computer. Free Built in Blu-Ray player also.


    360: If you are subscribed to Netflix, you can watch movies.

    PS3: If you live in Europe, you can download this free application that can play up to 100,000+ music videos for free, anytime you want. For America, we are still waiting.


    360: Unfortunately, it has a 35%+ Failure rate, but it comes with a 3 year warranty.

    PS3: Has about a 2-5% Failure rate. Comes with 1 year warranty.



    Halo 3 - Shooter

    Halo ODST - Shooter [Not out yet]

    Halo Recon - Shooter [Not out yet]

    Halo Wars - Strategy

    Gears of War - Shooter

    Left 4 Dead - Shooter

    Alan Wake - Horror/Action

    Forza - Racing

    Fable - RPG

    Splinter Cell - Stealth Action [Not out yet]


    Killzone - Shooter

    Resistance - Shooter

    MAG - Shooter [256 players online, not out yet. Most games have only 16 players online]

    Metal Gear Solid - Stealth Action

    God of War - Action [Not out yet, March 2010]

    Gran Turismo - Racing [Not out yet]

    Motorstorm - Racing

    ModNation Racers - Racing [Not out yet]

    LittleBigPlanet - Platforming

    White Knight Chronicles - RPG [Not out yet]

    Demons Souls - RPG

    Ratchet and Clank - Platformer

    Uncharted - Action [#2 coming in October]

    inFamous - Sandbox/Superhero

    Agent - Sandbox [Made by the same people who made Grand Theft Auto but Agent will be bigger. Coming out 2010]

    ^^^Exclusives for each system


    PS3 does have achievements, they call it trophies. Uncharted I guess can compare to the factors that Halo. They have a Machinima mode to watch your old gameplay, send it to other players and can edit it. Either that or Killzone 2 for a FPS game.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You'll probably get a lot of answers from people who have only played one system and are simply fanboys, so be careful of that.

    To put it simply, buy a 360. Having played both XBL and PSN, I can say that XBL was substantially better. In this case, you really get what you pay for.

    As far as what Xbox has that PS3 doesn't, I'd say a larger online community. Developers realize this so they are catering more and more to the majority of their audience (360) over the minority (PS3/Wii). Last figures were around 12M users for 360 and around 4M users for PS3.

    The blu ray player was a nice addition when PS3 first came out, but now you can get them fairly cheap.

    Yes, PS3 has achievements, but they're called "trophies" and they're slightly different than XBL's "achievements".

    I don't think there's a PS3 exclusive title that compares to Halo. Any game that compares to Halo is available on both systems. I prefer Call of Duty myself...

    Again, 360 Elite > PS3

    Source(s): Personal Experience
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  • 1 decade ago

    Killzone 2 is the best First Person Shooter this generation.

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  • Ryder
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    1 decade ago

    Get the ps3 if you dont mind the horrible design. Like Nick said, mostly, the fanboys answers this question. but i'm no fanboy. i'll support the system which is the best currently. if you're into FPS, then get the xbox as the stiffer analong makes it suitable for FPS and games that need precision. if you're into racing and sports, the ps3 as the softer analong is suitable for them. All in all, it all depends on your choice.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i say 360 cause u can use avatars and 360 is the most popular system right now

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    definitely ps3 because it has blue ray and doesn't break easily

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