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I have been studying stress related disorders for my research.?

The list is so wide and complex. Chronic Fatigue syndrome , Fibromyalgia , Somatoform disorders , headache , migraine , skin disorders like itching , scaling of skin , psoriasis , heart trouble , blood pressure , diabetes , elevated cholesterol , acidity , Irritable bowel syndrome , sexual dysfunction , joint pains , reduced immunity system and associated disorders and the list can go on where the stress contributes substantially in case of these disorders. Problem is that there is no quick solution and the worst part is most of the doctors do not take cognizance of the psychological factor in treating these disorders and just treat symptoms.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i agree with you, but i am unsure what you are asking.

    my mom has Fibromyalgia and could hardly even get any information from her doctor. many support groups and doctors later (and 13+ years) she has learned enough about it and how to manage it. she couldn't get a doctor to prescribe more than something for pain. which is actually not advisable for obvious reasons.

    diet is important. when she changed her diet -not sure of everything she has done but i know fish oil is in there *gag*- she noticed a huge difference in how often she was down and out. and she even had high energy levels.

    in her research she found that this disease can not only be a product of stress but lacking the proper type of sleep. -where i think sleeping pills that are specific to the need might actually help prevent this disease by treating sleep disorders early. and who knows, maybe it would even take care of symptoms by giving the body something it is lacking after the condition has already set in.

    i imagine a lot of other conditions and diseases could be handled more appropriately if the underlying issue was dealt with and not just the symptoms.

    so that's my 2 cents, not too sure what you were asking though :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, the symptoms could lead to worse. Example, cholesterol could lead to clogged arteries. I've been getting headaches lately. The cause must be stress or a hard to locate infection. I used to get chest pains in my 20s from the stress. Working 5 hours less a week and sleeping an hour more a day would help so many people. But doctors can't prescribe that. Exercise helps, though. Perhaps if medical insurance covered gym memberships?

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