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Question about Pharmacy Major? please help?

It is my first year at Hudson valley sommunity college and i plan to take

Chem 1

Chem 2




and some other courses

I really want to go to Albany College of Pharamcy. The problem is that i wasnt the brightest student in hiigh school., i had a 2.9 gpa. I really want to do Pharmacy, but at the same time i understand it is getting competitive. My question is if I maintain a 3.5 gpa and apply as a first year student at ACP will i get accepted???????

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You really should ask ACP their policy (also they can help you set goals so you can get in later) but generally colleges will put more weight on previous college work than high school, so if you show lots of improvement, they will see that as a positive.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Be aware that some Schools of Pharmacy do not recognize pre-pharmacy courses taken in Community College.

    To be accepted into Pharmacy School you must compete with MANY other candidates. You need a good College GPA and a high PCAT score.

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