USA what is the differnt between arrested and detained ?

have you ever been arrested or detained ? yes or no

(if you were never arrested but were once detained by apolice officer)

this question is in the N 400 naturalization application

my question is what is detained ? do police officer give u papers when u get detained ? if the cops stop u in the street to check ur ID is that consider as detain ?

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    1 decade ago
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    Detained is when your held without charges. It may lead to an arrest or you would be released. You can be held on the spot for moments, taken to the police station and questioned as detained.

    If the cops stop u in the street to check ur ID is that consider as detain? Yes

    Main difference is your taken to jail when arrested and you will then see a Judge. If your not held to see a Judge, but only investigated with the Police, then your detained.

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    Detained if the persons info are neither verifiable or examine in a position on the time. in case you would be sure or tutor info that your call and handle is actual then there is not any rationalization for the police to detain you . Arrested while you're charged with against the regulation and the police opt to place you up before a Justice of the Peace ASAP. or they have reason to have faith you will abscond before a listening to .

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