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Does the fall of the USSR prove that socialism is not avile system?

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    Its a farce that Russia system failed. It simply changed colors with the KGB taking control of the banks. Putin arrived out of the KBG and became president then picked the next president. If Russia wasn't viable then the USA would never change their mind. Obama makes it worse showing we are a weak country Military as well as Socially. Russia will assure we will fail.

  • Anarch
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    The USSR was a brand of communism that did not work, but it did not prove that socialism isn't viable. What is showed is that:

    1. Centralized planning in economics terrible idea.

    2. Authoritarianism is undesirable.

    3. Playing with national identities and trying to engineer a society based on a grand narrative will result is deaths, tensions and many other ills effects.

    4. Leninism does not even deserve the title of a political theory.

    5. That single-party dictatorship is not a good political strategy.

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    It proves that the market is made up of billions of very different people with different valuations making billions of economic decisions, and that it is impossible for government central planning to make blanket economic decisions without causing billions of unintended consequences.

  • Anonymous
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    Yes. The top Libs in the USSR stole all the money and left the masses to starve and hopeless.

    That's not what the libs want, but it is what they will get.

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    No; it proves that DICTATORSHIPS are not viable systems. Political systems and economic systems are not the same thing.

    Socialism is fine, so long as you still have democracy. Just ask all of Europe.

  • the fall of the USSR is proof that socialism needs to be made illegal in america.

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    The libs will just say it was not done right and NOW they know how. You know, like when you tell someone you don’t like liver? Some people always reply, “Oh you haven’t had it cooked like I make it!” When you try it, you know what it tastes like? Yup, liver.

    They seem to really like hybrids, so the libs want to try an American style Marxist/Socialist mix I guess.

    “You just haven’t had socialism like we make it now”

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    No, it proves single party communist dictatorship is not a viable system.

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    canada and most of euorpe prove that socializing anything is a very bad idea

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    I think you need to learn the difference between 'Democratic Socialism' and 'Communist Totalitarianism' and then get back to us mmkay?

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