Unique Halloween Costume Ideas?

Okay so I wnt to dress up this halloween. But every costume I see is so typical. All the girls dress the same these days. With the short slutty dresses. :] So i was wondering if anybody had good ideas for any unique costumes! Thank you in advance :D

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    Why don't you be a schoolgirl superhero?

    You can wear:

    Boots, pantyhose and a schoolgirl style skirt. The skirt doesn't have to be short. If the skirt is like 3 inches above your knees, that is good. Then, add a polo or a button down shirt, an eye mask and a cape.

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    A lot of girls dress as animals, princesses, witches and typical things like that. Why not go as a "sweet treat". Check out this link: http://belloiris.com/foodtreats.aspx

    They have cute unique costumes like a hostess cupcake and twin pops. I personally like the Watermelon Girl, it is Cute and Sassy but different than the other costumes you see everyone wearing.

  • 4 years ago

    ok nicely indexed right here are some innovations. A lifeless waitress. unique eh ? =P you are able to go at a thrift shop like fee Village or something and purchase a very inexpensive black skirt with a black actual and get one in each of those short white aprons issues that waitresse's positioned on. additionally with black tights and residences. Dont ignore to tear up the garments slightly on account that your a lifeless waitress. then you definitely can get a tray and glue plastic glasses on it in case you particularly wanna get into the gown. As to your makeup merely positioned countless eye linner ( VERY thick ) and distinctive mascara! ( not water evidence ) then take a tub and rub your eyes slowing down on your cheek so as that the makeup will run down and supply the phantasm which you cried. Its particularly ill. Then touch up your makeup with a smokey eye or something. i'm hoping you like the assumption!

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    My friends and I were 80's workout girls last year. It was really fun, easy and warm. All you really need are neon legging, sweatshirt and legwarmers (which you can buy at Walmart) the brighter the colors the better. We even cut the top of our sweatshirts to hang off our shoulders...it was really cool.

    And i don't know where u live but if it is cold then this costume is really easy to layer at night, but if its warm all you need if a tang top under the sweatshirt

    *its really fun easy &inexpensive***

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  • 1 decade ago

    Get two other friends and go as Snap, Crackle, and Pop from the Rice Crispie boxes :)

  • 1 decade ago

    If you go as a jawbreaker I'll love you forever.

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