Why can't a governor in Virginia run for re-election?

What are the pros and cons of this situations for Virginia and the nation?

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    President Rutherford B. Hayes, after winning the disputed election of 1876, actually favored a single 6 year term for the president.

    Virginia does have a one term limit for their governors. Back when Jimmy Carter was Governor of Georgia (1971-75), they had one term limits for their governors. as well.

    From the moment a new governor is sworn in, he is a 'lame duck.'

    No matter how good or bad he may be in formulating policy, etc..., he is limited. Not being from Virginia, I don't know if there are 'term limits' for members of the state legislature. But, if there are no term limits for the legislators, at the very least, in my opinion, the governor should be able to seek re-election and serve a maximum of two terms.

    In my lifetime, I have known of four governors who did not have term limits. My state, New York, does not have term limits. Governor Thomas E. Dewey served 12 years from 1943-55. Governor Nelson Rockefeller served 15 years, resigning in December of 1973, and George Pataki served 12 years from 1995 - 2007. Elsewhere, I was please to meet Governor Bill Milliken, who has the distinction of being the longest serving governor in Michigan history, serving 14 years from 1969 - 1983. But, the state has since implemented a 2 term (8 year limit) on their governors.

    If a 'one term limited' governor is good...it is beneficial for his party who can, essentially, run on the governor's record and promise to continue the good works in the new governor's administration.

    If, however, the 'one term limited' governor is bad, or is in office during difficult times (like economic problems etc...), it would sour the voters on the party's new gubernatorial candidate, and help the party out of power to seize control.

    I, for one, would favor the Commonwealth of Virginia allowing their governors to seek re-election.

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    It's in the state constitution that Governors are limited to only one term. A couple of other states used to have the same rule, but increased the limit from one to two terms. I think all term limits are wrong.

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    4yrs, thats it, Thank God, both back to back Democrats have naturally done what they do best, get into our pockets.

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