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parakeet fresh food/ name help?

what kind of fresh food should i start giving my baby parakeet? also what should i name my baby parakeet. (its a boy and hes dark blue with black on the wings. here is a picture...

thanks for the help!

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    I personally like the names JJ or Zippo for little blue parakeets such as this, mainly because I'm weird like that. Look for some significance in order to name it, for instance my albino budgie is named Ivory, basically another word for white.

    As for fresh food, if you mean something along the lines of fruits, definitely try apples, they love licking the juice off of the inside of a cut/bitten apple. Try to slowly ween your bird onto it, though, for instance, mix some tiny chunks in with their food, and be sure to get rid of it before it rots.

    Also keep Millet spray in there, babies love that.

    WARNING: Keep your birds away from Avocados and limit the amount of dairy that enters their system.

    Source(s): Owning 5 birds currently, 9 birds overall.
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    Here is a site that should be very helpful with foods. Apples are safe but they have very little nutrition. They are mostly sugar and water. They also must be well cored as the seeds are toxic. In fact, many fruit pits are toxic to rather than try to remember which are okay, it's best to just not allow anyk. And never ever give a bird a piece of "bitten" anything. Your bird should never come in contact with your saliva in any way. As for the millet, again, it's okay but it's also very high in fat. About one half sprig per week, per bird is plenty. Your bird's entire diet should not be more than around 20% seed products. The rest needs to be a good brand of pellets and the fresh fruits, veggies, leafy greens and other foods mentioned in the site.

    As for a name, you are on your own. No one knows your bird like you do and no one else will know what name fits just right.

    Source(s): Many years as a Parrot Behaviorist/Consultant
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    Keep offering the fresh foods, eventually they will probably eat something. Some birds are very distrustful of new foods and others are just "seed junkies" that will never want to eat anything fresh. The longer your birds have been eating only seeds the longer they will take to eat the fresh foods.

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    parakeets love tons of types of fruit and veggies and it wont give em direhea know matter how much. just dont give them avacatos. and also they like grain cookies and cherios. u should name ur parakeet darth vader sinse its a boy and its dark or tart or maybe sky. good luk

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