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Did the voting IOC members in Copenhangen find the Obamas & Oprah too arrogant and too greedy....?

and that's why they voted against Chicago having the 2016 Olympics?!

If Oprah and the Obamas displayed more humility would Chicago have received the 2016 Olympics?

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    Chicago is the sewer of the United States.Didn't you see a proud race of people beat a young boy to death and the blacks who witnessed the killing show their approval by silence.

  • Pheemz
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    I doubt it. I think the big problem was the bid was too businesslike. The woman presenting it seemed to have no passion at all for it, and the IOC don't want to give the games to people who see it just as a commercial opportunity. I suspect Obama's flying in at the last minute probably didn't help create a good impression either, the rumours are that that hurt the bid a lot by, again, making it seem businesslike.

    Plus, I suspect the last two games held in the US did the bid no favours either. Salt Lake City's winter games were hurt by the corruption scandal and the Atlanta games went down very poorly in much of the world due to the behaviour of the crowds, they were way too partisan. Booing other nations' competitors has no place in the Olympics.

    Or it could simply be that North America has had the games a lot and South America has never had them. That would also account for Madrid not getting it, Europe has hosted the games a lot and with 2012 being in London a European bid would be weakened.

  • no they thought Brazil should have a turn. North America has hosted Olympics 9 times 6 in the US. The Us and Canada are the only countries

    to hold the games more then once

    If chiago got the games

    u would ask why did Obama bully the IOC

    if he did not go u would ask why did he not support America

    If he did not go and Chicago won then it would be secret bullying

    Source(s): The people of South America got the games cause they were the best choice the end
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    Why all the whining? Obama and Oprah used their influence to try to bring a economic opportunity to Chicago, and the USA. That's what people with influence and power are supposed to do, right? I mean its not like they were trying to start a war with a foreign country to distract attention from the real problem...wait that was Bush....Or did you mean Obama and Oprah were too uppity? No, you couldn't have meant that right?

    The IOC surely made their decision themselves regardless of Obama....If the Olympics are to stay relevant, then they need to be held throughout the WORLD...not just USA. SO it was a real good bet that the bid would go elsewhere.....

    To now whine and complain just makes you look spiteful and petty...good luck with that.

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  • hannum
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    No. the united states has a foul song checklist with the Olympics. "The IOC's final 2 stories in the united states have been marred by controversy: The 2002 Salt Lake city wintry climate Olympics have been sullied by a bribery scandal and logistical issues, and a bombing marred the 1996 video games in Atlanta." it particularly is greater a case of their popularity could not shop it for US.

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    I just believe it was the luck of the draw and the fact that South America never had the Olympics and it was about time that they did.

    There was nothing wrong with the President Obama and Oprah going to Copenhagen to see if they could try to influence where the Olympics will be played.

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    1 decade ago

    According to the BBC, South America has never held an Olympics, but the opposition will blame Obama. Obviously you're the opposition.

  • doubt it, I think they liked what the Brazilians produced as reasons and they may well be looking for a good African nation to promote a city for the 2020 games next. Do most African states may not feel they could host the games right now you have got to think some president will think it worth the effort The huge surprise is that Dubai has not tried to host the thing at all, they seem to think it be the worlds sport capital them sheiks

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    Obamas & Oprah cant speak Danish . and were also mistook for a bunch of loonys

  • Al
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    I don't think Obama should have got involved, celebrates like Oprah yes.

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