Writing a paper on abortion should not be restricted?

I think abortion should not be restricted because it is a womans right to chos0e whether or not she wants to carry the baby to term. When the baby is sick a woman should have the aption to choose to end the pregnancy, Or when the woman was raped or incest.

What other reasons should abortion should not be restricted?

This is my debate for gov class

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    Q: What do obstetricians say about Partial Birth Abortion?

    A: The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) said, “The intervention of legislative bodies into medical decision making is inappropriate, ill-advised, and dangerous.”


    ~The term "partial-birth abortion" is primarily used in political discourse — chiefly regarding the legality of abortion in the United States.[18] The term is not recognized as a medical term by the American Medical Association[6] nor the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.[19] This term was first suggested in 1995 by Congressman Charles T. Canady, while developing the original proposed Partial-Birth Abortion Ban.[20][21] According to Keri Folmar, the lawyer responsible for the bill's language, the term was developed in early 1995 in a meeting among herself, Charles T. Canady, and National Right to Life Committee lobbyist Douglas Johnson.[14] Canady could not find this particular abortion practice named in any medical textbook, and therefore he and his aides named it.[22] "Partial-birth abortion" was first used in the media on 4 June 1995 in a Washington Times article covering the bill.[23]


    My Turn: I Had That Now-Banned Abortion

    My health and future fertility depended on the best available medical care, which in this case meant that I needed the intact dilation and evacuation procedure, or “partial-birth abortion” to use the non-medical, ideological term. This wrongly politicized, legitimate and standard medical procedure results in the removal of the fetus with the least probing and instrumentation, greatly reducing the risk to the woman of bleeding, infection and uterine rupture, all of which may lead to infertility.

    Last Wednesday was a dark day for women, and for the men in their lives who care about the health, autonomy, freedom and equality of women in 21st-century America. The high court took a giant step backward when it upheld the federal abortion ban, sweeping aside decades of its own constitutional precedent protecting women’s health, in favor of ideology.

    The Supreme Court decision means that judges and lawmakers may now dictate to doctors what they can and cannot do in the operating room. It means that surgeons who want to do what’s best for their patients do so now at the risk of criminal prosecution. And it means that thousands of women will undergo second-best procedures carrying greater risk; many will face dire health consequences, as well as the loss of future fertility. We are now in a country where judges and lawmakers are allowed to tell doctors how best to care for their patients. This cannot stand.


    Mandatory parental involvement laws are simply anti-abortion laws targeted at teens, obstructing exercise of the abortion right. Such laws are bad for several reasons; they cause girls to delay seeking medical care; and they do not exempt girls wit h abusive, ill, absent or anti-abortion parents. It is not possible to legislate good family relations.

    Congress set up the Medicaid program to equalize medical services between the rich and poor. To deny poor women abortion services while paying for childbirth is unfair. It removes reproductive freedom and defies both common sense and humane public policy. Cutting off Medicaid abortion actually increased poverty by trapping mothers of young children in the poverty/welfare cycle.

    Abortion is not a luxury item; it is a necessary component of women’s health care. The government has decided to provide health care for the needy, and should not eliminate any medically necessary care. Since it is less expensive to subsidize an abortion than childbirth and subsequent welfare, the anti-abortion financial argument is invalid as well as inhumane. Another irony is that most anti-abortion legislators vote against funding the health and social welfare programs that make it possible for women to take care of their babies rather than abort for financial reasons.


    It is entirely possible to have an abortion and not feel guilt because you knew it was the right thing to do.


    ~Pro-Choice Momma; Have had an abortion <no regrets> and I have a 9 month old daughter <no regrets>. I believe in protecting my daughter's choice.

    Abortion: There is a Consensus


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    At what point in time do you consider a life a life? If a fetus has reached an age of being considered a living being then which living being is it that you feel is okay to kill?

    You are also right that there are circumstances that warrant an abortion. In most cases this would be early in the pregnancy. In the case of rape, there is a psychological aspect that also needs to be considered. The woman who was raped is already going through mental trauma and should not be forced to carry the baby to full term. There should however be a reasonable time period for the decision making process. Once the period has passed then the child should also be considered to have the right to life as well. There should be definite restrictions for abortions as well as the right to life.

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    If abortion had restrictions, say only for women who have been raped, then the problem is there would be some fake reports of rape. So the police would be wasting time looking for a rapist that does not exist. Taking them away from real crimes.

    Also, the danger of restricting who can have abortions means that there could be further restrictions. Maybe if you knew your rapist and it was a date rape it wouldn't really be considered a rape that makes the woman eligible for an abortion.

    If we start dictating who can have them and who cant that totally destroys civil rights or a woman's right to their own bodies.

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    Before writing a paper mentioning that abortion must be unlawful, appear into the historical past of abortion. Back within the days while it used to be unlawful they usually used coat hangers to take the little one out the entire at the same time laying on a desk within the again room of a few seedy established order all soiled and in which a giant percent ended no longer most effective with the loss of life of the little one however the loss of life of the girl. I'm professional-existence, however I do not suppose that abortion must be banned. When a girl does no longer wish to have the little one they'll discover a approach to eliminate the "obstacle" so no less than allow them to have an atmosphere that's dependable for the girl. God will manage their sense of right and wrong sooner or later.

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    A debate is not just you giving your opinion, it is backing it up with facts. You should probably be researching why your opinion is the better choice. Part of your position is what reasons you believe (and can back up) are acceptable reasons to end a pregnancy. Do you believe abortion is only acceptable in the situations you list or also when the child is unwanted, a financial burden, etc? Is your position that it is the woman's choice when/if she has a baby even after conception, or is your position that in the case of illness, or rape/incest she has the right? You need to think out your position and research facts to back you up.

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    For your argument to be compelling, you need to be able to articulate what the moral differences are between human beings before and after they're born. For instance, mother's don't have the right to terminate their offspring after birth – even if they're sick or were conceived in rape. Why, then, should she have this right before birth. That is the central question you must be able to answer. Read through the arguments here and then explain why they're bogus: http://www.abort73.com/abortion/common_objections

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    Abortion should not be restricted any time a pregnancy is inconvenient.

    It is a shame that you are doomed to fail. We are in a culture that claims to be liberal. Liberal means respecting of the liberty of others. In our culture, it does not mean the liberty of the woman to the management of her own health, but the liberty of all others to interfere in her personal decisions.

    In our society, all strangers have the right and privilege of interfering in your personal decisions and you do not have the right to make decisions regarding your own life or health without consulting the opinions of strangers, the public at large.

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    Since poverty is not eradicated completely have to add more population?

    Quarrels and seperations are nowadays common .As such termination of pregnancy ...or to increase more depressions

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